Perfect <3

So there was this boy who I had this small crush on for months. It never went anywhere because I had a boyfriend at the time and I really like my boyfriend. It was just a side cush. After me and my boyfriend broke up, everyone was shocked, becasue we seemed so perfect together. About a week after we broke up, I was really trying to focus on my small crush. And every day I saw him it got bigger and bigger. But, I didn't know if he was gay or not. It sure seemed like he was. So I ended up asking one of our mutual friends, and he said he wasn't. So I asked, "Are you sure?" He said, "yes, if you don't believe me ask him!" I quickly yelled no, but it was too late. He asked. He said no, thank goodness! But then, he asked why and the friend pointed to me and said, "She wanted to know." I was absolutely mortified! I gave him an apologetic look and ran down the school hallway. I had band that day at school, so I had to stay an extra hour afer school ended. Right before band started, I texted him saying I was sorry in all capital leters. I sent about 10 of those texts, and he said it was okay. Apperently it wasn't the first time that question had been asked. so we were texting, and afte a while he asked m why I wanted to know, and I wouldn't say. So he badgered me until I told him I asked becasue I knew someone who liked him. And he was asking WHO! But I wouldn't say. It was never my intention to tell him I liked him, but it seemed like the right thing to do and I told him that I liked him. And all he said was, "Oh." All I got was oh. After all that I had just told him! So i said, "And now things are going to be awkward between us, right?" He said no. I asked why. He said I have a secre too. So I asked what it was. He said that he was 2 years older than me. i didn't know. I though he was only a year older. Then he admitted he liked me too. Eveything seemed perfect. Except, he had a girlfriend. That weekend, he broke up with his girlfriend. We texted all that week. I asked my ex if he cared if I dated one of his friends, he didn't care. We were good to go. We had arranged to hang out that Friday. We hadn't really talked, or hung out in person. And we weren't really together relationship wise. So we went to the Elementary school and hung out on the playground there. We got really close. Did so many cute litle things, but no kiss. I had to wait. So later that night we went to his house, and we went into his room and we laying on his bed, talking, and then he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I was being shy at the time. I whispered yes. Then, e leaned in and kissed me. It was so perfect. It wasn't very long, but it was soft and just absolutly amazing.
Neerrdd14 Neerrdd14
18-21, F
Aug 28, 2011