The Perfect Kiss

It was December 2004, and I had just gotten out of a very bad relationship. I was 17 and feeling very blue. I just switched schools, so I still didn't really know  anyone and I was only hanging out with a couple of girls from gym class one cold December night.

We were at their apartment complex, out by the basketball court. I had a hoodie over my head. I was feeling really down and I had just finished telling my friends about how I wish I would meet a guy. Someone kind and gentle etc... I was staring at the floor when a guy walked by and my friends began yelling his name "Carlos."

He was 19 years old and he was from Mexico, I later learned. My friends were talking with him and I was listening. He started to try to get my attention. He leaned over and looked at me looking at the ground. And he asked me "Why are you crying?"

I told him I wasn't crying. He kept doing that but he was being cute and made me laugh. By the time my friends and I were ready to leave he asked me for my number. I gave it to him, but I didn't expect him to call me. I thought I wasn't good enough for anybody at the time. Sure enough he called me two days later and asked me to meet up with him at his apartment to talk.

I went to his apartment the next day and we talked. Then I went the next day to see him again. We were on the balcony and it was beautiful, covered with lights. He then told me he liked me and asked me out. I said yes. We began to talk some more. I told him I had been badly hurt before when my ex-boyfriend told me he was married just to get rid of me. So I was feeling really crummy. I told him that I can't have secrets if he wanted to be with me. He said he had a secret to tell me. I'm thinking the worse now. He's from Mexico, who knows he might've told me he has a wife and three kids, I don't know, but I was scared to hear what he had to say.

He then looked at me nervously and told me that he had tattoos. I was relieved and I went over to him and kissed him. I stopped and tried to back away. His eyes looked dazed and he wouldn't let go. Then he kissed me back. I felt so safe and calm. Like nothing could go wrong.

And the rest is history. We are still together today.
Amorcita Amorcita
3 Responses Mar 23, 2006

Sometimes we are dumped so that we *can* meet the right one........

aww...that sounds really sweet :)

I'm glad you are happy! And experienced a perfect kiss!<br />
<br />
love and laughs...<br />