Best 10 Seconds Of My Life

There's this girl. And it is such a long story on how we came together and stuff. But she is like, the love of my life, and now we barely get to see each other. But two weeks ago tomorrow, i met up with her, and i had liked her for a long time. We walked around town for about 40 minuets or so before i had to leave. When we came to where we needed to leave each other i told her we probably wouldn't be able to see each other for a while cause we wouldn't. i was struggling at this point cause i felt the sudden urge to kiss her, but i wasn't sure how she'd react, whether she'd pull away and either slap me or never speak to me again, or if she'd kiss back. So i went for it, and it was the best time of my life. It was short, but it was amazing. She kissed back and i just had the greatest feeling because ahh, just the lips and the tongue and there's just no word to describe it. after that i knew she liked me back. it was perfect. my first kiss too by the way:) 
LongForgottenSons LongForgottenSons
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 20, 2012

Kissing a girl and letting her know that you like her when you dont know whether she likes you back is hard. im in that situation right now and im just trying to play it out right safe, because one wrong step can ruin everything with girls.... great act of courage man congrats that she likes you back. good luck to you and your girl in the future.