It Really Does Exist!

It was October of 2011. Prior to that fateful day i have had my share of some really nice kisses. Memorable, passionate kissing. Did I ever imagined or expected that perfect kiss could ever exist? Well no and in fact I never gave it much thought. Then one day out of no where without any warning or expectations I experienced the best and just perfect kiss in my life.
It was after spending yet another wonderful day with my lover. This was early in our relationship and every kiss before and since have been just wonderful. But this kiss changed me, made me think and my life paused for a moment. I even told my lover about it afterwards seeking his response. He said that kiss was his till me meet again kind of kiss.
After spending the day together it was time for each of us to go our separate ways. I had an hour drive home and he was off to his home as well. He wanted to drive along with me to show me a short cut to my home that would save me some time. He pulled over to the side of a road by a stop sign where I had to make either a left or a right. There was a reall old home overlooking a field and the scenerary looked nice. He got out of his car and I was at the stop sign. It was beautiful and warm out. I had my sun roof and windows down.
Then it happened. He quickly leaned all the way in from the passenger side And gave me this amazing and what must have been the longest minute ever recorded kiss. I just sat there and I am sure with such a stupid "duh" look on my face but he never noticed. He looked and me closely and said I would need to take a left from here.
I will never forget it and each kiss since has been just wonderful..... :)
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Great story!! :)