Gym Class.

I consider every kiss I've ever had with my boyfriend perfect. "Entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings", as the dictionary would put them. To save myself and yourself time, instead of recapping the many perfect kisses, I'll focus on one of my favorites and one of my most recent kisses.
So this took place Wednesday. On Wednesday's we have gym class, the only class me and my boyfriend have together. All three French grade eight classes join in the gym for whatever we're doing that day, and on Wednesday it was this fitness class. After finishing the required pushups, jumps and runs, I went on stage with my friends. He was still down in the gym doing pushups, beating his best friends record.
So when there was only a few minutes left of class, I could see him motioning to the changing rooms. There's a staircase, you go down for the girls changing room and up for the boys. Unless you walk into the staircase, it's pretty well hidden. So we met there, just as class was dismissed.
He was a the bottom of the small staircase and I was at the top. He held out his hand with that silly pleading look he has and I took his hand, giggling. He grabbed my hand and gently pulled me down the staircase, putting his hand on the small of my back. He leaned in and I felt his lips on mine. We kissed for a few seconds, his other hand entwined in mine.
When we heard everybody else rampaging to the changing rooms, we stopped. He kissed me on my forehead and hugged me before he went up the stairs towards his changing room. Perfect timing, because as soon as he left the three classes entered the stairwell.
I don't know why this kiss sticks in my head more than the others, but it does. Maybe it was because of the somewhat daring way it happened, considering we were in class and everyone else was basically behind us. But whatever the reason, that kiss like all the others was perfect.
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How sweet

so romantic! :)