My First Kiss

I was 14 years old, and I had just finished my first year of public school as a freshman. On the last day of school I had a "movie party" for a bunch of my new friends, and my new crush. I had heard that he liked me as well, but I was still ecstatic when he showed up at my house with a couple of friends. We all watched a few movies, including a Monty Python movie, and The Forgotten, during which he held my hand. I was really happy, but really nervous too, since I'd never been kissed, never had a boyfriend before, and I didn't know how the night was going to end. That night we went in my hot tub, and we roasted marshmallows outside in the woods. The last movie we watched was Team America: World Police. Not exactly the romantic comedy I had hoped for, but I didn't mind at all, since my crush and I were getting closer by the minute. About halfway through the movie I noticed he was looking at me every couple minutes, like he was trying to get my attention. I knew what he was trying to do, but I was so scared I didn't look at him! Finally near the end of the movie I decided to just go for it, turned a little and waited for him to notice. When he kissed me, it was absolutely nothing like I expected, which is what made it so perfect. Since then, I've kissed other guys and more, but no one has been anything like he was that first time. If he reads this, I hope he knows who I am.

Tyler Tyler
2 Responses Jul 26, 2006

Very sweet...

That's sweet...thank you for sharing that!