Saturday/Sunday Love...

I don't even think I can put into words how it felt. The memory is so strong though. This past Saturday late night/Sunday morning I was hanging with my buddies and there is one that I'm attracted to and everyone knows and most ppl think we're a couple anyway cuz we mesh so well together. Well after everyone left we werelaying on the couch together just talking and playing around and tickling each other the way we always do. And he started playing with my lower lip with his thumb ... and we were laughing and i bit his thumb and he leaned in and replaced his finger with his lips. It just felt so natural, no bumped noses, so dumb crap. It was such a comfortable kiss. I don't know where we're going now, but that was a great memory.
SomeOneInTheWorld SomeOneInTheWorld
26-30, F
Aug 13, 2007