My Perfect Kiss:)

Gosh i remember my perfect kiss. Ok i was 14 (now 17) me and my ex girl friend i would always pick her up after school cause i use to come out earlier than i drop her off close to her house! but before that we would stand and talk to each other and make out afcorse. I remember we would make out and joke on how me or her where a better kisser and had lost of fun but one time it was like the time stoped it was just me and her alone are lips touched like they never did before it was slow and soft  even tho we usually make out crazy style this time was different slower and with a passion that came out of no where it was special. After that happen both of us stayed silence for some seconds and all i could say in my mind was wow. Afterward i left home and we talked and it was special cause we felt exactly the same way:)......Its been way over 2 years already and i recently asked if i still mines was still the best kiss and she said it was and she dont think anyone could top it anytime sooner.(its weird cause she told her ex a dude before current boyfriend that i i gave her best kiss and he tried to top it everytime for like a year lol) but yeah thats my experience of a best kiss.

ngpforever ngpforever
18-21, M
Feb 28, 2010