Fantasy Fullfilled

i am a former packinghouse worker, hard, dirty, relentless labor. i am done with that now. many times during the day, i would escape in thought, like many do, not because i was bored or that it was a slow day, but because i delivered me from the physical pains, the chain that delivers the meat to you never runs out till "they" said it was time for it to run out. once you finished your piece, the next one was there, everyday, allday.

but this weekend a fantasy was fullfilled.

i sat by the poolside of our healthclub as watched my beautiful greeneyed wife swim with 3 of my beautiful grandchildren, my heart pounding with love as they laughed and floated together, not only did i get to watch them, i was also reading a great novel, and than  i would also gaze out the glass walls of  this indoor pool, at the snow that covered the ground and then at the falling snowflakes from heaven above, as the beauty surrounded me, nourished my heart and soul, and thanked my higher power for this piece of heaven on earth, for there are no windows where i worked for almost 22 years, and as  i watched the snow fall, i  thought of the many times i had to fight the elements to get to work and after arriving  fighting my hatred  for the job that lay in front of me that day, BEAUTIFUL !!!     all this i did at my leisure, no clock to answer to, only myself.

a simple fantasy for a simple man.

fullfilled and i thank my Higher Power

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010