I Had 7 Guinea Pigs In Total

ok..  i fibbed when i joined this group. i didn't have A guinea-pig. i have had 7 guinea pigs in total.  my first 2  had when i was 9. A boar and a sow. They went on to have 2 little baby sows.  And then when one died, we bought another to keep remaining one company and then over the years, when one died we would just get another. Guinea pigs get lonely, you need more than one at a time living together. 


i miss my pigs. The last one passed on in 2000. She was a beautiful satin with black fur and a lovely squeak. i moved away after that into a flat and am not allowed to keep any pets.  But i am moving soon and hope to have guinea-pigs again.

xdweebx xdweebx
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Wow! I've owned 5 guinea pigs in my life time. The last one sounds like one of my two guinea pigs, Ebony! Except he's a boar.....