Please help me out I Need Advice Asap Im Scared

I started out with a small pain that only came when i sat down or got up. Then over the next few days the pain got worse so i went to the doctor and found out i had PILONIDAL CYST they gave me antibiotics and said let it clear up. The next few days the pain got really bad to the point where i could not even make it to the car to get to the ER to let them check it out. Advil, tylenol, etc ...nothing was workin anymore i was in sooooooooooo much pain . When i went to the ER i was told they could not drain it because there was no head ..the cyst had not formed completely. I had to get reffered to a surgeon to drain the cyst this for me was soo painful because i never experienced anything like this. When i was sent home me and my mom were scared to death to change the guaze because of the pain i felt when we did now im recovering from a small incision (draining process). The doctors say it most likely will come back and i should consider surgery to remove the WHOLE scared to death because the 1st cut hurt so this will be an even bigger cut and i need someone to talk to. I start college as a freshmen in august and im just dreading the day that this cyst returns..I'm reading your stories and they scare me but i'd rather here it from you guys than a doctor..this is the countdown and i'm reaally scared to face this pain of open wound again. ccan someone pleasssseee write me i need someone to talk to me who has experiencced this ...i need hope...heart
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3 Responses Jul 13, 2010 this is a really awesome website you should visit! I've had them all my life and am scheduled for surgery next week! It is scary, but I wouldn't worry about the pain because for the surgery they will put you out. If they don't you need to see a different surgeon because this is a major surgery and being awake is not ok! I know how much they hurt I feel your pain! Relax though, stress can aggravate them into flaring up! If you visit that site it can give you tips on keeping them at bay, like showering differently, sitting a certain way and keeping all hair out of the area! Good luck!

He howzit going, I was 19 when I first had pilonidal cyst and now im 26 in two weeks time and looking at to have the 5th operation on it and yet I do everything that the doctors tell me to do to keep it clean and help with healing. My best advice would be just to keep the wound area clean and dont allow any perspiration to build up in that area and have 2 showers a day. Good luck on your operation and just keep positive.

Hi Sweetie. I have the same problem. I was 16 when my pilonidal cyst abcessed for the first time. I wasn't a nurse then so I had NO clue WHAT was going on. However, I was living with my sister who was a nurse. I had a fever, was vomiting and couldn't sit down. It hurt all the time- even when nothing was against it and I wasn't laying down. We went to the E.R. and they lanced it while I felt everything they did. Afterwards my sister explained to me just exactly what they had done. How cruel! There has got to be an easier, less painful way to lance these things! It has abcessed (it's called a pilonidal abcess) a total of 4 or 5 time's in 22 years now. The last time was about 6 years ago ( I really don't like discussing this because I ALWAYZ jynx myself!lol!) Anyway, my then fiancé and I had a 2 hour roll in the grass at the local park and I got Poison Ivy (AGAIN). It itched like heck! I KNEW NOT TO SCRATCH the Poison Ivy because it was right over the Pilonidal Cyst, and the dirt and bacteria under your finger nails is all it takes to cause the cyst to abcess again. As it turns out, the Poison Ivy itself was enough to irritate, infect, and cause a pilonidal abcess yet again. This time I waited too long to go to the E.R. and ended up in emergency surgery (they put me under) because the abcess was so bad. The abcess was so huge that it broke inward/inside and the infection went into my blood stream. I had a staph infection among others and became very ill (I won't get too much further into the story) I was in the hospital for a few weeks that time. They will not remove the cyst while you're draining after the surgery and until you've completely healed. I remember having to sit in the tub for hours trying to soak the packing so it'd slip right out. OUCH! I was SO pruned from the water and that packing still stung like a b!tch, and stuck when we took it out! If you have insurance I'd advise you to go ahead with the surgery now. It should be same day surgery and you'll be home recovering within a few hours. The amount of pain you will feel from the removal of the cyst is SO minimal compared to what you must go through every time the cyst abcesses. There's no telling how many more times it'll abcess in your lifetime. Talk with your doctor and let him/her know your concerns. Some doctor's will put you under to remove the cyst. But don't make yourself suffer out of fear. If you have the surgery you are guaranteed minimal to no discomfort just one time and that's it! If you don't have the surgery there's no telling how many more time's you may suffer through out your life time from another Pilonidal abcess. You can PM me anytime if you'd like to talk firther about this or anything else! Don't worry too much, it's a minor procedure and you'll do just fine. Good luck hon xxxHUGZxxx