Why Is My Body Disfunctioning???

one day at the school dance, me && my friends were playing && i fell straight on my tailbone. it hurted for 3 weeks. after it stopped hurting i went on with my life. in the next month the pain came back. i just ignored it but i saw that my tailbone had a huge lump on it. i went to the emergency room immediately. i had surgery and it was over with. the doctor said it might come back but they offered me a surgery to remove it permanently. i was going to get the surgery but they said i didnt need it. so now im typing my story crying my eyes out because im in pain. im a little happy that im not the only one like this, i used  to think that i was a freak, especially because its most common in boys. this is my story
TeamBheautiful TeamBheautiful
Jul 16, 2011