Painful !!!

The pain started about week ago, And I had it before and I just got it drain, It was HORRIBLE ! I kept asking the doctor " Is it going to hurt ?" and he could not give a straight answer, he kept sugar coating it .So first they stook the needle in area MORE THAN ONCE. It felt like someone was stabbing me in my butt, worst pain ever. Now today I'm having surgery on it so they can take it out. I know it going to come back eventually.

I saw alot of you guys saying how it bust on it's on. I DO NOT SIT ON MY BUTT. I laying on my stomach. EVEN WHEN I'M IN THE CAR!

Wish me luck (:
I'll update you guys how my surgery went when I get back home this evening!
destinybbbb destinybbbb
13-15, F
Dec 5, 2012