My Body Has Become My Worst Enemy

I can't believe I'm actually sitting here talking about this in a (semi) public forum, but I have a Pilonidal Cyst (among other things) and I am fed up and frustrated with all the crap happening to my body.

I am a 30yr old woman, married, no kids (yet) and I had my first encounter with this horrible condition two years ago. I was driving a lot, and even though I was active and on my feet for hours every day (I was a dog walker), I also spent hours sitting in the same position in my car, usually after a long and sweaty walk with five dogs. My doctor thinks that's what caused it to start.
At first I thought it was a zit, it was just slightly above and to the right of my bum crack and I figured it was a boil or something. I also *suffer* from mild-to-almost-severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa, so I assumed that I was being further punished with that and that my up until then boil and blemish free back and bum were going to share the same fate as my scarred and bumped tummy, armpits and inner thighs.
But the red bump got bigger, and more red, and angry, and increasingly painful and never had any zit-like head. So my first natural thought was CANCER and wondering how to break the news to my hubby, who, God bless him, is supportive and loving even though I'm some kind of disfigured freak of nature under my clothes... Anyways, by the time I finally showed him, it looked like a very pissed off ping pong ball had taken up residence under my skin and I could barely walk. I couldn't sit, sleep, lay down, go to the bathroom or do anything and we decided, between my tears of pain, that it was time to visit the ER. I had to stand the whole two hours we waited because sitting at that point was beyond excruciating.
Once we finally got in, the doc, who looked about 18, knew on sight what it was and spoke the words "infected Pilonidal cyst" and said it had to be lanced. He made every attempt to freeze it, but as I've learned since then, when they're infected local anesthetics don't work so well.

After the worst hour of my life, it was lanced, drained, cleaned and packed with gauze, the incision was only about an inch long and maybe an inch deep and had a little white tail of gauze sticking out. I left with a Tylenol 3 prescription, cleaning instructions, and was told to visit a doctor once a day to have some gauze taken out, until it was healed.

I spent 3 days laying on my stomach in bed and bathing carefully, and visiting the local walk-in clinic. It healed and that was that.

I spent one year afterwards in a different job and had no re-occurrences. About one year ago, the little scarred area would swell a tiny bit and some very very minimal amounts of seepage would very very occasionally seep out of the new tiny black hole located about an inch below the scar. That was it.

I've worked in an office for a year now, sitting almost all day and enduring an hour long commute to and from work, every day. I've also been working out more since my hubby and I have both decided to get in shape and lose some poundage after learning that weight loss may help us with our battle against HS. So I figure the sitting and the sweating brought me back to this place - the Land of Butt Hurt.
5 days ago it started swelling, and it didn't seep, just kept swelling. I washed meticulously down there several times a day, bathed the swelling in hydrogen peroxide and have worn loose pants. I've avoiding sitting in one position, and bought a special round, donut-butt-pillow thing for work. It stopped swelling yesterday, and now the place where I had my little ridge of scar, is hard and dry and crinkly. It's still red, less swollen, but the scar is gone, it's replaced by this crinkly patch, and below is still smooshy feeling. But it doesn't hurt nearly as much. I have to assume something good happened because I feel ok, and the swellings gone down right? RIGHT? I hope so... I'll keep you all posted, my Brethren of The Butts (if anyone reads this). Reading your stories has given me courage and hope, and although I still want to *****-slap my body for being such a treacherous jerk, I think I'm not such a freak, there are others... and it just be ok, even though it still sucks a lot :)
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Update: Today, it doesn't hurt at all, unless I sit directly on it, or touch it. The swelling is almost entirely gone, and it looks like a boil or a big zit, the size of a dime maybe in diameter. It started bleeding a little bit over night and very lightly throughout the day, so I'm guessing that's less good, but the pain is gone and I'm obsessively cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and had a piece of gauze lightly covering it today. I also went to the local vitamin store to pick up some Turmeric supplements because I've heard good things about it from other people who suffer from HS and Pilonidals. Fingers crossed for me people!