An Excruciatingly Painful Disease...

This has been the most painful thing I have ever experienced, by far.

I've read some women report that it was worse than childbirth (But I wouldn't know)

Like many, I had this for a few years before I found out what it was. It would act up occasionally, but not for long and it went away soon afterward, so I never went in for it. It got so bad I could hardly move though, and that was when I got over my embarrassment and went in to the E.R. to get it checked out. This horrid doctor came in, attempted a local anesthetic TWICE, said that most of the numbing stuff was coming back out and that he'd have to go ahead and do it anyway.

I was literally screaming at the top of my lungs. It was the only thing I could do. And I'm sure I was thrashing around a bit, but that's all somewhat fuzzy now. He had two nurses there with him, both were trying to keep me still. It hurt...And it didn't stop hurting. I was begging him to stop, but all he could say was, "Calm down. This isn't the worst pain you're going to feel in your lifetime." Real encouraging there doc ._.

He finished, and 10 minutes after everyone had left me, a nurse came in and asked if anyone had given me painkillers yet. No one had, and I was still in such pain I couldn't move. I didn't move a single centimeter for a good 45 minutes; when my boyfriend finally got back from Wal-mart and came to visit me. I was crying on the phone with my father, who was admitted into the same hospital a month before that. (His lung collapsed and he had to have extensive surgery)

That bastage doctor didn't even bandage it afterward. They left me with a loose piece of gauze sitting on top of it, and said I could get dressed and leave. They didn't even explain what they had just done to me; I didn't know how the hole went in at all, how it was packed, or why I had this insanely bloody gauze over it. I was terrified. I went over to my boyfriends, went to the bathroom and discovered the gauze on top was loose, it just fell out. Still, quite terrified.

Went in for my follow-ups, the one scheduled 8 days after the lancing...This lovely doctor was planning on cutting it open more and making the hole that was already there bigger, but she gave me painkillers BEFORE doing it, and actually made it entirely numb. So the worst part was a pinching with the numbing stuff. I was so grateful to her for that. She also sent me home with a prescription for twice as many painkillers as the first doctor.

My boyfriend is still changing the packing daily, and it's been...Maybe two months since the original lancing. It still hurts, and even know I'm sitting kinda sideways because I can't sit normally. But I am sitting, which is an improvement.

Between everything - the bleeding, the infection, the (immense) draining, the constant pain. It was by far the worst thing I've experienced in my life. But I'm glad it's getting better.

All I've seen are stories about this being a horridly long-term disease. It's kind of intimidating...And it makes me dread the years to come, if it's anything like this first time. But I think I'll make it through. I hope so.
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I would take your parents and a lawyer back in and sue their ***** for everything you can get. This isn't WW2 or Korea where meatball surgery had to be done to save lives. I was knocked out cold for my cyst removal, (the hole was the size of a golf ball) and have never had a problem with it again.