I am a 37 year old guy in the military. I have been dealing with this cyst for years and always just "dealt" with it. I can't even remember when it actually started but I can say that I do remember the pain and embarrassment from flare ups and them draining. I just recently decided to deal with it. Around 2010 I had it lanced, drained and packed. Unfortunately I was in and out of field training which didn't offer the best opportunity for hygiene. On top of it I was assigned as a driver, this being considered "light duty". So there I was with a hole in my a** I wasn't born with, lanced, packed and driving most of the day. Needless to say the cyst or cysts kept coming back. Fast forward to 2014. After much deliberation with the Mrs., I finally went to see a surgeon. Apparently my case was very unique in the sense that I had multiple cysts and they were not concentrated in one area. I had sinus tracks on both sides that went from the tailbone all the way down to the rectum. The doctor performed an excision on 3 of them and packed them in the hopes that this may save me from a surgery. No such luck. That was around January/February 2014. March 18th I went in for a cleft lift. Before even leaving the hospital my incision began to open up close to the rectum area. This was due to me having to sit and try to pee because 1) I couldn't leave until I urinated and 2) I had to sit because I couldn't feel my legs due to the spinal anesthesia. About 2-3 days later the incision opened about halfway and exposed the drain. Keep in mind I got cut from the tailbone to the rectum. I go back and doc throws in some stitches. The skin tore due to it being too thin. So we went to packing it with gauze. So on and so on. It's now August 2014 and the wound is still seeping and there's are about 3 holes the size of a pen point. I go back in for surgery on September 3rd to open it partially, clean it out and place a wound vac on it. This puts me out for at least 6 weeks. Hopefully this does the trick and I can get back to a normal life. If anyone has been in the military, and been infantry to boot, then you know that not being able to do PT sucks. Not being able to sleep on my back bothers me less than not being able to work. Fingers crossed.
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Good luck, I really hope it works out for you - you have already been through so much! Thanks for sharing your story, we're pulling for you!