Hi im a 21 yr old female, and So 2 weeks after giving birth, i noticed a pain in my tailbone area. I thought it was sore due to labor until i woke up 4 days after noticing the pain and there was a bump that hurt so bad i could barely walk. Thats when i went to the ER and they told me I had a pilonidal cyst...and they gave me some antibiotics and once i got home it burst on its own...1 week later it healed and seemed to be gone...then it came back but this time as soon as i noticed it i went to the er to have it lanced and once again was put on antibiotics....im currently waiting for my tiny hole to close, but it sadly still kinda hard on the side and im just waiting for it to come back. I feel like my life stops when i get these.....Im a woman and just feel gross....I know other have worse health issues but its so hard to feel okay...I feel like surgery is in my near future and im considering getting the cleft lift and then laser hair removal in that area. anyone had the cleft lift or laser hair removal? please any words of encouragement will help. thank you
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I had my pilonidal surgically removed. They could not stitch it up, they left it open to heal from the inside out. I had a hole there for several weeks that I had to stuff with gauze and change twice a day. I won't lie to you, it was absolutely awful. But it's over now, it hasn't come back since and it's been five years, I am glad I did it

Just wondering why didn't they do the cleft lift? I heard it's better and you don't have to stay open for weeks :( ?? I don't want surgery but who does....it makes me so sad but oh well I know it's coming. Do you have a pretty crazy scar

I am not sure. I think mine was very deep? I am assuming they went with the best option for my situation, and that they would for yours as well. I don't have a scar!! You can only really tell if I pull my cheeks far apart and even then, it's just a thin gray line about half an inch long.

How long were you dealing with the cyst before you got surgery? And well that's reassuring as far as the scaring :)

I mean, I had been dealing with it in small doses not knowing what it was. I would wear certain underwear and it would hurt a little, or I'd get a little red bump but I always thought it was irritation or a pimple. It flared up very quickly and suddenly once, over a period of about two days. I got it lanced, it went away for awhile, and came back bigger than ever. It may have done this a third time before I had surgery.

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