The Excruciating Pain Above My Butt!

It happened june 2009, i was relaxing at the start of my summer break from school. I was involved in the usual lazy activities of the vacation, when i started to feel a certain acute pain right above my butt. I first thought, "maybe its just because i slept funny, or my muscles are having a little cramping, no big deal!" But the pain began to grow worse and worse, i could not deduce a reason as to why i was experiencing this pain. so i went to tell my parents, and we decided we would just try to relax my backside and just let time tell as to what was happening to me. we researched the possible diseases i could have with these distinguishing symptoms. it turned out i had a PILONIDAL CYST!!! so we read up on it and it made both my mother and father disgusted because it was the weirdest thing both of them had ever seen. well, four days later i was sitting on a cushion, reading a book, when i felt liquid in my underwear. i thought oh my god did i soil myself? so i went up stairs and low and behold my pilonidal cyst had erupted. the puss and fluid had leaked out, it was maybe the nastiest thing i had seen, totally gross, and when i brought down my soiled clothes my mother, father, and sister all gagged at the grossness of what had came from my cyst. so at the next doctors visit we found out that i was lucky that my cyst erupted by itself without having to be cut open and it looked as if it was healing fine on its own. the doctor said it may occur again but if it does we will play it by ear and see what treatment is best or surgery. well, the drama of the cyst had ended, or so i thought................... here i am sitting at my computer 8 months later writing to you guys about my second experience with the pilonidal cyst. i have one right now on my butt! so my mother called the doctor and he said if it reoccurring this fast it is time for surgery. now i have an appointment with a surgeon to see if he can finally end my pilonidal cyst nightmare. i just hope i dont have to wear a butt cast after the surgery :(                                

       thanks for reading my story, hopefully it'll be my last!



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Also I had a drain in my butt after the surgery, it all depends how it goes. It's really painful, but the best thing to do after surgery is laze around and change the bandages every 4 hours or so. Never sit. Always lay on your stomach or your side. Don't move too much or excruciating pain will occur. And definitely go to the bathroom when you have to. Don't try to hold it. Because if you do hold it, you could ruin everything the surgery did when you do go.

Ouch. Mine popped on its own. Then it came back less than a year later. So don't be surprised if it comes back again.

LMAO! Been there had that...they suck so BAD!

I suffered the same affliction 21 years ago and had the surgery. So far, God willing, it worked. Unfortunatly, I have passed this affliction onto my son who is having the same surgery next week. I hope that you continue to do well. Since this seems to be hereditary, (my grandfather & aunt were also afflicted) you may want to watch family members for any signs. <br />
Good luck to all of us, You, Me & my son!

Yeah i hope it will be ok for you