Please Help Girls I Need A Friend I Feel Soooo Lonely

Hi guys,

This is my third pregnancy (i am 12w3d) and i am attending Limerick Maternity. I started spotting at 8/9 weeks and thought the worst. However it turned out i had a sac of blood in the uterus which was found by ultrasound on the 5/11/11 but wasnt fully confirmed as they were questioning whether it was ectopic also, it was very upsetting. I was admitted for the weekend and monitered and after another scan on the monday 7/11/11 they confirmed a uterine pregnancy and a subchorionic hematoma aka blood clot. I was discharged and told to rest but to contact them anytime if i got worried or the bleeding increased. They also booked another US for 22/11/11.

On the 15/11/11 the bleeding did increase so i rang admissions and they said to come straight in for a scan. I live roughly two hours from the maternity so i was frightened and worried the whole drive there. I had another scan and everything showed fine with the baby but the bleed had gotten a small bit bigger. So they let me home and said REST. I did that, and then went back on the 22/11/11 (last tuesday) had another scan, hoping i would be told that everything was clearing up and reabsorbing...To my disappointment i was told by the sonographer (i ask alot of questions) that they were two new bleeds and that the original blood clot had got a little bigger.....and to go back up to admissions and they would advise me on what road to take next......

To my shock and surprise the clot had quadrupled in size in the week :o( i was so upset but the doctor i had couldnt have been nicer. As i live so far from the hospital she wanted me to be admitted but due to my emotional distress she didnt push it and allowed me home as long as i rested loads! It was then she said Partial Placental Abruption...

Also on the 23/11/11 due to my blood type i had to have an anti D injection...

I am frightened now cause everytime i go for a check up and scan now i'm afraid the clot and two other bleeds will have got worse or worst case scenario my baby will no longer have a heartbeat.

Has anyone else experienced this at all. What kind of care did you receive? I feel completely alone and don't know should i have stayed in hospital or not. I have my first official Ante Natal next wednesday and instead of looking forward to it i am dreading it. I love my little baby already and don't know what to expect over the next six months. However, i am the type i need to know EVERY outcome possible!

Oh My partner has BEEN FANTASTIC through all of this too. I couldn't be luckier in that sense.

Please help girls i need a friend right now!
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I am in a similar many problems SO early in pregnancy :( I had light pink spotting at 8 wks 2 days, and was referred for an ultrasound (US) where they diagnosed me with a small subchorionic hematoma. At 11 wks 4 days (11/04/2011) I was admitted to the hospital for a vaginal infection (bacterial vaginitis sepsis) that caused my temp to get to 104.1 F. After 3 days, they finally got the temp down and I felt great. Then later that day I had bright red vaginal bleeding and passed a clot the size of an orange! The US showed that the baby looked okay, but of course they were concerned. My OB said he was "worried, but optimistic". They sent me home on bedrest (11/08/2011) and said that moderate bleeding was okay, but if it got worse to contact my OB.<br />
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I have been seeing my OB weekly for US to monitor baby and to monitor my bleeding. Then 11/29/2011 at 15 wks 1 day, I awoke to a LOT of blood (they estimated about 500ml) pooling out of me, although thankfully the heavy bleeding only lasted for about 15 minutes. I still went to ER immediately...panicked out of my mind. I was very reassured to hear baby's heartbeat, because I thought for sure I had lost the baby with all that bleeding. Then couple of hours later, my OB came in and told me that my amniotic fluid was really low and he thought my water had broken during the bleeding. He also stated that my cervix had begun dilating (to 1 cm), which was a change from just 1 week prior. He advised me that the outcome looked "very unfavorable"...he said that the baby would probably die and I should prepare to deliver a stillborn baby (even though technically "stillborn" is a term used only after 20 wks gestation) within the next few days. They admitted me to labor & delivery, and they kept me for 3 days, doing a heatbeat doppler 3 times a day and daily ultrasounds to check amniotic fluid levels.<br />
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The US showed that the amniotic fluid level was low, but not decreasing, so they are thinking that my amniotic sac probably wasn't leaking after all...but for some other reason the fluid is really low. My bleeding is currently "stable" and my cervix has remained at 1 cm, so they sent me home on strict bedrest. I understand your "emotional distress"...I am afraid to fall asleep for fear of bleeding to death. I have already had so many episodes of bleeding and the partial placental abruption, that I feel like a COMPLETE placental abruption is inevitable...I just don't know WHEN. I am 15 weeks 5 days today, and I'm scared to death! I have to make it at least 9 more weeks to have any chance for my baby boy to survive.<br />
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I am 40 years old and this is my 3 pregnancy. I had 2 normal pregnancies in the past (one at 27, one at 31 y.o.). My husband had his vasectomy reversed for us to have this last little miracle baby, and I know this is our final chance....not only because of my age, but because I am horrified to get pregnant again...ever. <br />
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I am a nurse and in grad school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, so I have been looking up lots of stuff. And its not very encouraging :( I hope you will keep in touch and let me know whats going on with you...maybe we can try to be hopeful together for the next few months. BTW ~ what is your due date? I am due 05/21/2012. <br />
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Best Wishes,<br />