My Very Own Angel Baby

It was the day after my baby shower, I as 35 weeks and had only finished work on the Friday. I woke up at 1am as usual to go to the bathroom when I felt a weird pain in my tummy and it was rocke hard. It felt like I needed to have a bowel motion but thought if I just rolled over it might go away. 5 minutes later when the pain hadn't gone away I decided to get up and try the bathroom. I started burning up and ******** myself off. I thought I had been in ther for 20minutes and when my husband finally came into me when I was vomiting I looked at the clock and 2hrs had passed. He convinced me to call our midwife when I could no longer stand up straight and couldn't feel bub moving. She advised him she wouldn't make it to the hospital in time but to not alarm me and get me there as fast as possible. She would call ahead and let them know we were on our way. We arrived at the birth unit at 4am. The doors were jammed and I was looking for a corner to go to the toilet I felt like I was going to poo again. I got in there and they asked for a urine sample, I joked and said it's coming the other way. When I went in I vomited again then turn to do poo's and yelled for my husband to get the sample cup, when I pulled it out it was full of blood. He went yelling for help. The next thing the door go screaming open 4stqff come in throw me on a bed where i hermeraged again. Then a dr says to me "usually we asked your permission to do this but we need to deliver this baby now or we might loose you both".mhe then pushed the ordlys out it the way swearing at them that they were so slow. He ran my bed down the corridor hitting the wall 4 times while trying to hold onto me, all I could hear was code 1 code 1 going across the pa. All the while I was crying saying please don't let me loose my baby. My greatest fear in my pregnancy was dying in child birth or loosing my baby. I couldn't believe it was all happening. Then i remember hearing my husband yell out to me that he loved me as we went racing through the theatre doors. I thought it was all over and that was going to be the last time i heard or saw my husband. They asked me if I could move across to the table when I did I harmoreged again. They asked if I was allergic to anything and I explained I had spinabifida and got the ok for an epidural or a general if I needed it. They said good suck. The last thing I remember before going under was screaming into the gas as they put a cathidar in me without pain relief. My daughter was born 3minutes later at 4.15am. She was asffixiated when she was born they believe she was without oxygeFrench when I started to experience the pains a 1am. They prepared my husband for the worst that neither of us may make it through the next hour. They advised him they ripped her out with such force that they think they destroyed her right arm. I can't imagine how he must have felt to be there all alone holding my hand bag and to not know if he was about to loose not only his new baby girl but also his wife. Well we both made it through the 1st 24 hrs. My recover was long and my little girl spent 10 days in the NICU. They expected her to be there for a month and be very delayed in all development with serene brain damage from the lack,of oxygen. Well I am here to say she is now a happy healthy 3yr old who has meet or exceeded all her milestones. I look at her everyday and call her my angel baby. You see I was told when I was 16 I couldn't have babies, she came to us unexpected 5 month from our wedding after 8yrs together. She really truley is my angel baby sent to me from god and for that I will be eternally great full xxx I love you my angel baby. Thank you all for letting me share this story. In have been holding it in for 3 long years and think it is now time to let the healing process begin.
richelle27d richelle27d
Feb 28, 2012