My previous 2 pregnancies went smooth with no hassle at all. I also brought them into this world the normal way.
With my third baby I was 38 weeks pregnant and thought everything was going great. On the evening of 10 July 2013 (Thursday) I leaked a bit of water so I decided to rather play it safe and go to the hospital for a check.
The nurse that checked me confirmed the water and asked me to rather sleep over for observation but said that the baby wouldn’t come during the night.
The next day the hospital said that they are going to move me to another hospital because their neo-natal was full and in case something happened they would have to fly the baby to another hospital anyways so after a long day of waiting and nothing happening they took me to another hospital in an ambulance in the afternoon.
I got checked in at the new hospital and the doctor decided to induce the labor as there is no reason not to wait. The following morning (Saturday) at 6 am the nurse checked the induction because nothing had happened. Short after she finished I started having labor pains and thought that everything was starting. I phoned my husband and my mother about the good news and asked them to come to the hospital.
This is where it all started!
At around 9 am the contractions became as strong as I had remembered them to be at the end with both my daughter and my son so I thought I was almost ready to start pushing. After my mother called them to say that the contractions is not even going down completely anymore she checked how far I was dilated only to say I was still at 3cm. So there was no change at all since that morning.
At around 10 am, having the worse pain I have ever felt my water finely broke. I asked my mother to clean up a little and when she opened the blanked it was covered in blood and so was I. She immediately called the nurse. When she saw the blood she told my mother that she is going to call the doctor as I will have to go for an emergency C-section!!
I have never in all my live, after having two children all natural felt that much pain. I wanted to die! I thought I was going to die!!
They pushed me into theater and gave me an epidural. After that things got a bit better for me as I didn’t have any more pain. But I thought my baby had died! The doctors faces said he died!
My mother stood by me the whole time and reassured me that everything was going to be fine. A couple of minutes later I saw my baby but the nurse took him to another room and I thought that was it! Then I heard the sound I thought I wasn’t going to hear! My baby boy was crying!
He wasn’t breathing like he was supposed to but he was alive! He was born 12:15 pm.
The doctors said that they couldn’t bring him to me during the night as he has to be on oxygen. The next morning I held my little miracle. He was going to be fine!!!
Today he is going very good and is walking like a pro. A little more than a year ago I wouldn’t have said so!
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I shared my story for other mothers that are going through a placental abruption.
And for those mommies who have Angel babies because of placental abruption I am sorry to hear you were not as lucky as I was!