My Placental Abruption

I had my abruption at 39 weeks this past December 22, 2008. I had a silent abruption (no vaginal bleeding) I was in alot of pain so I went in to the Doctors office and they checked for the heartbeat and could not find one so they had me get an ultrasound and told us she was gone. I had bled between the uterus and placenta. I had a good pregnancy with no complications so we do not know what happened and neither does the doctor. They sent the placenta off to pathology and could find nothing wrong with it. No clots- nothing. Our daughter was stillborn because of this. I have been doing alot of research on the subject of why this happens but it does not ease the pain of losing our baby girl. I was also told we would be okay to try again later but I am scared this will happen again. It is truly heartbreaking to be so close to the finish line and lose your baby.

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I can relate to what you have been through, I loss my son at 31 weeks and nearly my life aswel. I share your pain and hurt losing your baby when your so close to the end.. I just found out I'm pregnant 15 wks and am very scared but after my first ultrasound today I feel good knowing everything is fine. I hope you see your baby's loss as she was to precious for earth and in time try again Xx

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We just lost our daughter on February 22, 2014 due to a hidden and total placental abrupt ion. I don't know that my pain will ever go away. It feels like there I giant hole in my heart where my daughter should be. The mystery of why it happened is still hard to understand. The doctors said mine was probably due to a really fast rise in my blood pressure to around 166/100. I ended up losing a lot of blood and had to have a transfusion the next day. I wish I could have been awake, but since it was emergent I was put under general anesthesia and all alone in the OR without my husband or anyone of comfort. Waking up after surgery, all I could see in my husband's face is that she was gone. My heart aches every day. I am so sorry you also went through such pain and heartache.

I am so sorry for your loss. I also lost my baby girl at 26 weeks when I had a placenta abruption. She was a twin and her brother survived, but has had many complications. I also cannot seem to get past losing my baby girl I wanted so badly.

I am just new to this forum I too was pregnant with twins and had placenta abrubtion, luckily for me I was in hospital and my little girl survived. I delivered by emergency c section in fact I had a general, due to my girl heart had stopped, my husband did not know if me or the children were ok, fortunately we all survived, we had a little girl and boy. We didn't know if Caitlin had loss if oxygen , we waited for a two days but all was good. We were lucky. We had ivf to conceive the twins, so this we so special. I can not imagine how you feel. My heart goes out to you, but one thing is for sure your little girl grows within your little boy, all my love, andrea x

So sorry for your loss, I too lost my baby girl at 33 wks (August 20/09) due to a complete placental abruption. I can't seem to get past it and I wonder if i can go on to have a normal pregnancy.

I am sorry for your loss.

I'm very sorry about the loss of your baby girl. I know how hard it is to deal with this kind of loss because it happened to me many years ago. I don't know if I had the same situation as you did because I wasn't that far along & I was at home when I miscarried & there were never any tests done to see what caused it. I had already had a perfectly normal pregnancy & had a child before it happened, so the doctors told me the same thing that it would be ok to try again & I did get pregnant again about 6 months later, had a normal pregnancy & delivered a healthy baby boy. So please don't be too discouraged. It took me a long time to get over that loss tho, & to this day(30 yrs later) I still wonder about that baby & why it didn't make it. It was weird because people didn't know how to react to that because it was not a baby that was "born" & then died, so everyone just kind of blew it off, not realizing that to me it was a life that was lost. I hope you can find comfort from your husband & family & friends and hopefully get pregnant again with no problems. The good thing in your situation is that the doctors already know you had this issue so when you do get pregnant again they will monitor you closely & hopefully if you do have another problem they will be able to deal with it before anything bad happens again. Best wishes & bright blessings for the future, don't give up hope!

oh iam so so sorry for ur losss