I Had Placental Abruption

On Jan 23rd ,2010 after coming back from dinner at friends place I went to bed around 12:00 am( 24th jan).After sleeping for 1 and 1/2 hr woke up due to lower back pain. I didn't think it any unusual since I always had problem with lower back pain. Around 2:00 am I started having contractions. I though I was going into labor so timed my contractions it was 10 mins apart. Around 3:30 am called the doctor's office but doc said to wait for another hour to see if it was consistent. Waited until 4:30 am and then felt like using restroom. I saw blood and knew something was not right. Called the doc office again and suggested to go the hospital. After reaching the hospital the nurses were trying to get the fetal heart beat but they could not find. A ultrasound was done then came the most devastating news from the doctors saying my baby girl was died. I felt my life shattered. My baby girl was delivered by C-Section. She was a beautiful little girl weighing around 6lbs. Doctors were unable to find a reason why I had placental abruption.

 I am getting lot of support from my family and friends which is helping me to get over the sorrow.

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hi nishi so sorry to hear that i had gone trough this recently my baby boy also died at 32 weeks gestation due to placental abruption i understand how hard it is when u have completed a full pregnancy and even given birth but still cannot be with ur baby.my arms ache to hold him i just want him back any amount of happiness is not enough to releive the continous pain .my prayers r with u............................

Hi Nishi,<br />
I had the same thing. at 23 weeks pregnant, ...I had my baby;s head downward and always pushing downward and I went to the emergency one week end since I had bleeding, stayed in the hospital for two days, had ultrasound and everything was ok with the baby and no more blood loss , just spotting, so they let me go to work. I went to see my doctor a thursday and told him I have bright red blood on my pad and feel like he's pushing to come out and he checked my cervix and said I'm no way in labor and told me to go back to work....So I did go babck to work that friday.... I went to bed friday night and felt the back pain which I had for few weeks,,,,around 4ish in the morning, I started to feel a little pain and thought of going to the hospital...went to use the washroom and came into the room and fell on my knees,,,,couldn't take the pain anymore...my hubby called the ambulance and before that ...I gave birth at home....my baby came inside the water bag...he died after 6 hrs

soulfish,<br />
i will take you suggestion, it turned out to be a very up;ifting story, actually, I will share that, now.<br />
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Nishi,<br />
I feel your pain, and share a similar loss.<br />