"j's" Poem

My daughter's 4th grade teacher invited some parents to sit in class as the kids read a favorite poems that they had written.
I'm extremely excited because every year the highlight of my Mother's Day has always reading the poem that my daughter wrote for me.

So, her turn comes.  As she's standing in front of the class, she starts talking about how she wants to meet Nick Jonas and how she plans to marry
him.  Okay, so not the poem I was expecting but hey she did a great job so I applauded and pretended to look thrilled.

"J" was the next student up to read.  The only time "J" is not seated outside of someone's office for a behavior issue is when he's absent from school.
If you met his father, you would understand where and how he learned some of his manners and attitude.  His father is the biggest chauvinist who clearly never learned how to treat or relate to women.. and "J" was following his lead..which is why he is in constant trouble.  "J" also had an explosive temper.  I would often stop and get myself involved in helping in calming him down.  It hurt me to constantly watch him get into deeper trouble when he should just chill out and face the consequences of his actions.  It got to the point,where administrators where sending him to me to deal with him all the time.  So there he was holding his paper in front of him getting to read his poem.  He starts off by saying he chose to write about someone he admired and considered a hero.  At this point, I'm thinking he must have written about his father or John Cena because he was a huge fan.  He announces that the title of his poem was My friend, Ms. "M".  The kids call me Ms. M at school.  I was floored.  I remember laughing and getting misty over all of the reasons why he thinks that I am a great friend to him.  After he finished, everyone gave him a standing ovation.  They all saw how moved I was by his poem.

"J" and his family moved out of state so he didn't return to school the next year.  I still often think about him and pray that wherever he is someone is looking out for him.  Once you look beyond the tough exterior, you would find a kind, gentle, smart young man.  

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Aug 9, 2010