A Loving Wife

I prayed many years ago for a loving wife.

I had been married before and it didn't go well.

After my divorce, I spent a lot of time by myself.  I prayed a lot.  I still do.  But one of the prayers I prayed was that God would bless me with a loving wife. 

Many, many years later, after dating a lot of different women I thought I would stay a bachelor.  I wasn't happy about that but I knew I didn't want to go through another bad marriage just for the sake of being with someone to combat loneliness.

I had started to think that I should get used to the idea of being alone even though I was always dating someone.  I went for a while not dating because I just felt it was empty.  I would sit across a woman at dinner and see that she wanted to get married, have the house with the picket fence, kids, dog, station wagon and the occasional European vacation.  In many regards I wanted that too but I wanted more than just the common standard stuff that people had come to expect marriage to bring.  I had already been through that kind of relationship with my first marriage.

I stopped dating for a while.  It is interesting when I would go out to dinner alone how many women would find their way to stopping at my table.  Flattering but it made me realize that everybody is looking for the same thing.  Someone who will spend time with them.  I didn't want someone just to spend time with.  I wanted someone who made time more precious because they were in it and that the time with that person would be treasured because of them.  I never stopped praying that God would one day bless with me with a loving wife but as I started to get older I began to wonder if that would ever happen.

One day I saw this angel in the gourmet grocery store.  That was it.  My prayer was revealed the moment I saw her.

I met her and we have been together ever since.

I married her on New Years Eve.  On December 31, 2011, we started our "official" married life.

I thank God for answering my prayer.

When people question whether God exists or not, I figure it is because they haven't seen the miracles he performs.  I don't worry about someone else's doubt.  I'm not here to convince them of God's existence.

I know God exists and he answers prayers.  I have always prayed to him and he has always delivered on his promises.  My life hasn't always been easy but I realize it could have been worse if I didn't have faith.

I am extremely thankful to be blessed with a loving wife.

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I am very happy that your wife is the same girl I read about in another post. The title King of Swords may be very appropriate for you. Swing it well my friend and make that beautiful wife of your happy for the rest of your lives.

Thank you. My name is in reference to higher thinking the King of Swords in a Tarot deck is the master of thought and communication. But, I also make my wife very, very happy.

What a lovely story. God bless you both.

Thank you.

It is always wonderful to read a story here with such a happy ending. You both are certainly blessed. :)

Thank you. We are very thankful.

God is great....you are blessed...

"I wanted someone who made time more precious because they were in it and that the time with that person would be treasured because of them."<br />
<br />
This is pretty much what all men are looking for. I did notice that when you indicated you gave up looking you then allowed for the God thing to work. Another words like another posted said, you got out of your own way and allowed things to happen the way it is designed to work. And I see you noticed just how well it does work when you allow things to do their job because they can do so much better of a job as they are working with the Universal Law that the creator set up in the first place in the beginning.<br />
<br />
When one goes against those Laws life still works but, makes things far more difficult. When one stops fighting against those Laws things seem to flow without effort as you experienced. You CAN break Mans Law all day long but, you can never break Universal Law as it is absolute. Check to see who it was that put these Laws in to practice.<br />
<br />
Turn lose of the ores and allow your boat to turn and go with the flow as there is nothing you want in life that is up stream. It has all be figured out and set in motion. Catch and ride the stream of life and enjoy the view and the trip and leave the driving to those who know how best to steer your lifes boat down stream WITH the flow.<br />
<br />
Besides, you will wear yourself out paddling upstream. Early grave, that sort of thing. Glad to see you caught on. Works well don't it?

It wasn't that I didn't get it. I just spent more time praying and working on myself. I am thankful that I decided to take risks with myself and trust God to deliver on his promises which He did.

God is so good, isn't he? Great story. Thanks for sharing.

God is very good.

This is a lovely story. It is nice to see a man's perspective. Blessings to you and your wife.

Thank you.

I am touched. Thank you King.

I am blessed by your love. Thank you for being you.

I am wearing a very contented smile......beautiful story.....lovely tribute to your bride.....