My Little Angel Nathan

On August 24th 2006 I found out I was pregnant. I was exited. Immediately I knew I was having a boy. When I was 16wks pregnant my hubby and I heard his heartbeat. When I was 18wks pregnant I felt him kick me for the first time. When I was 20wks pregnant my hubby and I found out we were having a boy. Everything was great. Then when I was 24wks pregnant I went into labor on January 2nd 2007 at about 9:30pm. We didn't go to the hospital until about 10:30pm because I wasn't sure it was real labor until I started bleeding. They gave me drugs and IVs...the whole 9 yards. Then they were giving me an ultrasound and found out that my baby was coming breech. I had to undergo an emergency c-section. At 12:35am on January 3rd 2007 My Little Angel Nathan was born and rushed to a hospital 3hrs away and placed in the NICU(neonatal intensive care unit)......

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Was he taken to Nathan NICU?? I used to work there!

yeah hes ok now. He is 31 inches and 23 lbs. When born he was 13 inches and 1lb 9 oz he ok now? i hope so! how big was he?