Delivered at 23 WEEKS gestation

1pound 1oz baby boy

We are currently in the hospital and will be until December or later.

Bleeding on brain and various other issues just due to the prematurity.

Please support us and pray for Braxton to keep fighting.

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My daughter was 30 weeks at 1lb 8oz shes now a happy healthy 15 month old

I can relate, my daughter was 28 weeks. It is a long journey. Did they know ahead of time so they could give you something to help the babies lungs develope quicker. Steroids or something? Its probably what saved ours.

No my water broke and was totally unexpected. I didn't have any problems during my pregnancy or anything. Once my water had broke I received 2 steroid shots for my baby before having emergency c-section.

They kept the baby in my wife's stomach for two weeks after her water broke. They said the longer the steroids had to work the easier it would be for her to breath. Then the babies heart rate began to rise too much and her water showed signs of infection. That's when she had her c section. I can't believe how small your baby is. I looked at the facebook page. I hope she is doing well. It's a long road, everything is different then having a normal size baby. We didn't let anyone even hold her for risk of infection after coming home.

Saw the heart, how are things. Everything OK?

Yeah. Finally off the ventilator & on cpap

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