An Angel Saved Me

I really cant describe what I felt in the beginning of my dream but what woke me up ( thought I was awake) was a really loud cranking and grinding noise. I felt my heart and it was beating really fast and all I could remember saying is "this is not a good noise" and "My Heart! "My Heart". From there, Everything went black. I woke up (in my dream) once again and I was in a hospital with I.Vs, and sitting around me was my family and my bf. I looked around at them and even said all their names and was just so glad to see them. I was crying and talking telling everyone That I got into an accident and what bones were broken (couple of ribs) but I'd be fine, and how the doctor is gonna walk in and tell me I was pregnant with twins. I continued talking saying how when I got into the accident God sent An Angel to Save me. After I woke up (really) I was drenched in sweat and my heart was finally slowing down. I could remember everything. But I was in shock from this kind of experience. It's like I at first didn't know where I was.
Now this dream had me very shocked, I have never experienced anything like it. My boyfriends brother was staying with us at the time and he said I was crying out yelling "My Heart, My Heart" he said my heart was beating so fast he was about to call the ambulance. He then explained everything he saw. And everything he saw was my dream. Not the dream itself but what I was saying outloud, how I said I was in the accident and an Angel Saved Me. If anyone ever experienced this and has some input, it would be very helpful for me to understand it more. Thank-you
BriBash11 BriBash11
18-21, F
May 9, 2012