Paranoid Psychosis

I have Borderline Personality disorder and almost a year ago I was diagnosed with Paranoid psychosis. I think theworst thing is the constant fear that someone is coming to hurt you. You dont go out on your own, you wont let anyone near you and you cant trust anyone around you. Everybody is bad and everybody is lying to you. Their all against you and your the only one that knows the truth. You dont know what to do so you run away from them and try not tolet them get you. I have had this for nearly a year. The medication im on doesnt work and I refused other medication becuse of the weight gain. Sometimes I just want to give in and let it win

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I have suffered some like symptoms for years, not trusting because most will tell your private conversations as soon as they can. People do not care about details as deeply as me so I cannot trust that my will would be carried out as to things to do with my child. I have had eppisodes in the past like nightmares as a child and then reality dreams as an adult. Things I thought was real like gun shots outside my window and calling my neighbors and family to see if they heard it and no one did, not even my oldest daughter in my house. I use to have a dream like I was laying there and could see my surroundings but I could not move anything but my eyes. which will throw you into panic because it seems so real. I lock doors, car and house, close curtains and watch my surrounding but I feel this is mostly normal. I was diagnoised with Parinoid Psychosis but the meds also make me gain weight. Have applied for dis but felt I could still do work but still would not trust people. Nothing makes me up lifted like looking forward to something or happy about something just numb. Learned I cannot change whatever future I have I am not in control....... Just my feelings for today. Have wondered if anyone else may have took paragarc as a child for night mares or colic and experiencing same problems.

I have felt the same these past ten months, it is quite difficult to feel safe when out and about, I was put on Risperidone and gained weight while on it. My dosage has come down and I'm losing weight, I'm not as suspicious of people talking about me behind my back for example, it is a struggle but there has to be hope, some relief surely is on the way . . .

PLEASE don't give up and let it win! I KNOW how you feel a little, at least as far as that last part is concerned. I am a committed , strong believer in the power, authority and lordship of Jesus Christ. There are times my struggle with the evil in this world and the perverse immorality can seem overwhelming. I take each day one day at a time, because yesterday is gone and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I lay all my problems at the Lord's feet as best as I can let go of them. He is there for you! I don't know why you have this problem, and I don't know if or when the Father will relieve you of it, but I do know He is able!

i was paranoid when i had my psychosis. I thought the doctors and nurses were running a prostittion ring in the psych. ward. and they were bringing in men from high places to sell the girls to.

Thats just like suckerpunch...

i haven't seen it but maybe I'll check it out.

Don't give up.... I don't know you, but you have a lot to live for I am sure.<br />
I was diagnosed with bipolar rapid cycling, borderline personality disorder and adhd about 6 years ago. Like you the medicine didn't work and being in the military, they put me on almost everything.<br />
A few days ago I had a psychotic episode, seemed like a different (evil) voice was coming from me, I was growling at my psychiatrist and then crying so deeply back and forth for about 15 minutes or so.<br />
they admitted me into a psych hospital overnight. I left on my own accord. But I hope you can find it in yourself to get a psychiatrist/psychologist and doctor to work together to make it better for you.<br />
The power is in you, just because everyone says that we are different, or sick, doesn't mean it is a bad thing. Maybe we are better off, maybe our brains are evolving in a different way.<br />
Anyway, I hope all goes well with you.<br />
You are not alone, <br />
Take care,<br />