My Weird Dream Part 1

The following is the first part of one of the weirdest coolest longest 3-part dream I ever had. Enjoy!
It all started on the train with my big brother in the middle of the city. The train had a CRT TV showing the news A new building opened up that was made mainly for a new devil worshipping religion. At the top of this tower there was a row of three bars in a hexagonal shape surrounding the egg shaped top of the tower. There was a door leading to the bars for this new religion. The news camera then showed a close up of a seemingly insane person climbing around on the bars carelessly in a monkey-like fashion. He seemed to not care that he was dangling 500 metres above the ground. He had a blank look on his face and spoke complete and utter gibberish. Seeing the sight made me shiver. Just then the train passed through a tunnel. Once the trained passed I glanced on the right and saw the huge tower. As I examined it more closely I saw a man on one of the bars holding it with one hand. Other people on the train noticed too, even the train driver. Suddenly the man’s grip slipped and he began to fall. With all the commotion nobody noticed that there was an elderly woman wearing clothes that a babushka doll would was slowly crossing the tracks. Me and my brother noticed and yelled out to all the people. Time slowed a bit as I looked back at the falling man almost arrived to his grim fate and back the old lady, almost at hers. Then a millisecond before the train hit the woman and the man splattered to the ground there was a huge white flash. I closed my eyes and stiffened. I opened them slowly only to discover I was somewhere very different. Still on what appeared to be the same train but when I looked outside I noticed the purple night sky. I turned to look at my brother to say “What’s going on, where are-“But he disappeared in the flash. I looked around and noticed the people were oddly dressed and dirty and grubby. Feeling alone I sat back down into my now greasy seat and whispered to myself. “Where am I?”
BensJam BensJam
18-21, M
Sep 17, 2012