It's never been more obvious to me how short life is, and how beautiful it is. Just when you think you've got everything figured out, BAM, curve ball! It's literally amazing how sometimes life can get harder day by days yet easier also. I'm currently experiencing that. and it's something one cannot simply put into words, but it's really something. I think people get too caught up in everyday life and problems that society has created, that they look past how wonderful life really is. And of course I'm guilty of that, who isn't really? Sometimes you just have to step aside from your problems and think, you know what if I can count in the sun to rise each day, and the stars to come out every night, life's not to bad. Somedays are going to be almost unbearable but just think of those times when you can just stand outside on a gorgeous day and literally inhale an exhale happiness. And those nights where you swear you can attempt to count every stat in that clear sky. I've been feeling so helpless lately, but tonight, I find peace in this.
"I find so much of the same hope in your presence. With you, every cloudy day seems a bit more sunny, and every night star shines just a bit brighter."
Jessica0906 Jessica0906
22-25, F
Aug 18, 2014