Trying To Take The First Step

I just had another terrifying night at home with him. The screams and threats usually starts around 2am I've come to learn. I wasn't able to get out the door. And I live in the kind of neighborhood where no one will call the cops for any reason. I hate it here. So this morning, I told him I'm leaving and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But I have that bad feeling that this is just the calm before the storm.
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your so brave!i hope you feel better now

Thank you. It feels amazing to have the freedom to do whatever makes me happy. No one will every take my key to happiness again.

good for you and thanks for sharing your story.Oh and i hope you notified the police

just run sweetie, dun even stop to pack.

I did run. I had to leave everything behind except the clothes on my back. I still getting use to not being under someone's control but at least I'm not his punching bag anymore.

good for you dear. dun go back without a police escort and dun talk to him at all.
you deserve better.
you are sooo pretty and brave.

head for the hillls :) we love you here at ep

Yes, I did once but it actually didn't work out in my favor. Because I tried to defend myself while getting my air supply cut off during a fight, the cops said he had more physical damage than I did. But that's because during this particular incident he hit me in my head where it was harder to see my injuries and I scratched his arm try to release his arm from around my neck. It was the first time I ever had the courage to call the police too. It was pretty devestating for me. So I never tried to involve the cops after that.

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Get out Now!<br />
You are correct that it is the calm before the storm. If he didn't care, he would not have been as hostile as he has been. Don't wait for him to get home. Grab your stuff, call family for help, and hit the road