Still Live With the Memory Now!!

I occasionally have feelings of having to do something or that im gonna meet someone when i wake up but last year i had te worst feeling of my life!

It was on the first day back to work from the Easter bank holiday and that morining A Lil boy who used to come to my nursery came to me and woke me up with a start!!

It was like he was inside my eyelids! he didn't say anything i just saw his face!! I couldn't get back to sleep that morning as i was a bit shook up of the reason way he was there! I have dreams about the kids occasionally! i don't think i couldn't as i work with them everyday so its just like the norm!!! But this was very strange! i had a feeling of dread and loss when i was getting ready for work!!!

Later that day the nursery officer came into the room to tell us why he hadn't come in that day and it was because he passed away that morning!!!

Everyone in the room was crying their eyes out finding it really hard to deal with! but i didn't feel upset! i was shocked and very gutted but there was no tears!

Everyone thought i was harsh and hard but it was because i already knew about him! It was him telling me what had happened!

He was always my friend while he was alive and he still is now! I still feel honored that he thought of coming to me before he joined the other angels!!!

I'm doing a parachute jump on the 28th July in his memory! I really hopes he will smile down from heaven while im doing it n give me the strength to go through with it!! =-)
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Jul 8, 2007