Myself I use to be one to follow the leader in relationships always trying to please.That was the nature of who I was .
I loved a man so much at one time I idolized him and thought he would never let me down. That's when I found out
in life that when you love someone sometimes they really don't love you back. They walk the Earth only to satisfy ones pleasures
and to drink from the cup of anyone that will feed or give them drink. Nothing more or less can be said because I'm sure most of
us have fallen into that trap.One can go on and say whoa is me about these topics but why cry about it any more?
It changed me like a kamilan in life not only in a way of who I was but in a way for the better knowing I learned from this experience.
I'm no longer the person I was following somebody but a leader on knowing who I am and believing in myself that I don't need to kiss
anybodies butt just to have a friend.
I'm still the nice gal who tries to please but a much wiser one on who I let become a part of my life. Why waste ones time on loosers?
Lifes too short..............

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There are a lot of "takers" in the world