my ex is nuts i do not even know where to begin. he picked up a table and pushed it into a window. i asked him to leave he sharpened an axe and laughed like a crazy person.i called the police he laughed at me and then them. one minute he is happy the next he is shouting and i did not say or do anything. i made the mistake once he looked upset so i hugged him.i ended up in hospital. if the trip to the hospital is mentioned he comes up with stuff like i did not hurt you. i do not remember.the nurses are sexist and against him. stuff like that. he talked to me yesterday he had so many personality changes i could not keep up i was scared. i am so glad he does not live with me any more. today he rang and was all lovey and asked if he could come home he is mental. the police have told him to stay away from me and he still does not get it. he asked me why i hate him. i look at him and i no longer know him.he has changed so much.he tries to blame me for things i have no control over like the weather . he needs serious help.there is more to him but i would be here all night.

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see i do cause people around me to go crazy. no i am just down because my cruel mother said to me if she was married to me she would go crazy too. i believe she is just jealous because i am usually full of life and smiling all the time and she is alone and has no friends and would not know how to make a friend she is a hurtful person and i am her favourite target. hey maybe i made her crazy too.

no,i dont think so,if that were true i would be crazy by now.oh wait i think i am crazy,4 u that is :)

yeah he is crazy.maybe i made him that way?

It does sound like he needs help, glad he doesnt live with u anymore<br />
get a restraining order against him so if he shows up the police can take him to jail

great idea lol just look at the user name.....people like that arent educated enough tobhave opinions call the police great answer you dont hsve alot of friends do you? go to church go to local resources. jail wont do any good and you know it. theres something else. find some ine thats beet it and see if its something you might mimick or he might be willing to mimics I've beaten it I was locked up over 56 times from the time I was eight years old tell the age of 32... Not one time to chill teach me anything not one time did I regret my decision not one time get it even remotely come close to balancing the chemicals in my head, no it just killed my self-esteem and disappointed people I love the most call the police and put a restraining order out dude seriously... Making me know if you need any help finding these resources or help on what to ask and see from the church feel free to talk to me anytime thank you