No Mold And Flies. Thank You.

A couple of years ago I was working at an independent pharmacy where I became acquainted with a co worker. We were on good terms and for the most part she seemed okay. She would tell me sob stories about her relationship with her bf at the time and she would vent on about issues she would encounter with her friends. I listened and we became friends.

Forwarding about 1 1/2 years or so, she comes to me to tell me how her bf's mom wants her out of the house where she was renting a room. All in all she came to me first to see if I would mind renting the extra bedroom I had in the house I was renting myself. I told her that I honestly didn't want a roommate due to problems I've had in the past with inconsiderate roommates. So she goes on to try another place to rent a room. I'm not sure how many places, people or phone calls she made but a couple months later she came to me again asking to rent the second bedroom in my house. I felt bad after so many stories of how her bf's mom didn't like her and didn't want her around and that she didn't know where else to go since she was being kicked out. As the sympathetic person I am, I gave in to help her since I didn't want her to be on the street after not finding a place. I told her rent would be $350/month and that there was one condition before I said yes; and that was that she had to clean up after herself. Whatever you use or do, just to clean up. The last thing I needed was to clean up after someone else while I was going to school and working. So she agreed and I gave her a copy of the key. I even provided her with a bed and a dresser since she didn't have neither pieces of furniture.

BUT then about a week or so passed and a co-workers grandfather passed. Apparently she was "close" with the family (or so she said) and the grandmother asked her to move in with her instead. So she came to me and told me the situation. I simply told her that she needed to make up her mind and that I would need an answer. If she wasn't moving in with me I needed my key back. Well about 2 weeks passed and I never got an answer. Instead I came home one day to find all her belongings in the living room and the hall upstairs. I was upset but rather than saying something, I bit my tongue because I figured she needed the help.

After she moved in, in less than a week, she left for Vietnam for 2months of the summer (She is an international student here in the U.S.) AND LEFT WITHOUT PAYING RENT!!!! To top it off, while she was away in her home country, she had a mini fridge plugged in her room. I found out when suddenly the power went out upstairs and when I tried switching the power back on from the circuit breaker it wouldn't switch. I finally realized that the mini fridge that she plugged in short circuited the outlet it was in a caused a mini fire. When I got back upstairs I smelled smoke and realized it was coming from her room. I opened her door to find nothing but sut and smoke. I notified her of it via FB since I couldn't reach her by phone. Even after this happened I had the decency to clean the sut off her crap. Why she even had a mini fridge plugged in while she was gone for months did not make sense to me at all.

After she got back from vietnam, that was when the real nightmare began. She started leaving food out, used cups out, unfinished coffee in cups would sit out. One time I noticed a clear starbucks coffee cup that was filled to the top out from the night before. I wondered if she was going to throw it away in the morning. But no she didn't. I let it sit there to see how long it would take for her to throw it out and finally I got fed up with it there after it started to get swarmed with gnats. I text her asking her if she was done with the coffee on the coffee table and that bugs were in and around it. Now by then I wanted her out since the agreement was that she clean up after herself, but I couldn't just change the locks on her since that's illegal. But that's not even half of it. I'm used to living alone so I like my fridge to be clean and uncluttered. The fridge became packed with food and produce that she bought but never used. 95% of the produce she bought was too much for her to consume and she would let it rot in the fridge to the point where it was moldy. I get fed up with this too when one day I opened the fridge and it odor was mortifying. I began to clean the fridge and she got home to see all her crap out of the fridge. She rushed over to see if I needed help and that was the only time that I ever saw her do any cleaning and it was the most minimal amount of cleaning she did during the duration of us living together.

Months passed and I enrolled in classes at a college closer to my parents home (roughly 45mins drive). So rather than staying at home Monday-Weds nights, I stayed at my parents and would go back home from Thurs-Sun. Occasionally class would get cancelled so I would end up going home early. Little did I know, she had friends over without notifying me. It wasn't just 1 person all the time; it would be a crowd of people. She finally caught on that I was going home randomly so she started to text me asking if I was going to be home. After a while I stopped responding because I was getting tired of her bulls***. I didn't have a problem with her having friends over but the issue was that she didn't clean up after them and if she did, it was too many days later.

I also ended up finding out that she would sleep in my room while I was at my parents. She let her friends sleep in her room and she would go into my room to sleep on my bed! I don't even know where she got the idea that this was okay. Her friends should have been sleeping downstairs on the couch and no one should have been in my room. After I finished classes I decided to go down to FL for a while to be with my family. So I made trips back and forth. During the times when I came back, I would find the bathroom was filthy, the fridge reeked of rotten and molded food and the floors were disgustingly black when I walked around (had to resort to wearing shoes). I asked her about the last time she cleaned the house and she told me 2 weeks ago (which was a total lie!) and that she didn't use the swifter but instead did it by hand! (The floor should have been even cleaner than using a swifter!) All in all I ended up moving out and she got stuck with my half of the rent along with the utility bills. I just couldn't believe that a girl had living habits such as that. I would expect young college guys to not be up to par with their cleaning but this is a adult woman.

After I moved out I continued to receive mail their even after forwarding my mail numerous times (which is a pain since USPS charges to forward mail and even after many phone calls to USPS on my mail forwarding matter). So I would come by to pick it up and for over months she never said a word until recently. And rather than bringing up the matter with me she snarled me for picking up my mail! After opening up what was my home to her and providing things to her that she didn't have she had the decency to make a post on FB saying that I'm the one that is disrespectful and arrogant! We both are adults and before she even posted on FB what she posted, I tried to get in contact with her in regards to my mail and be adult about everything but she chooses to ignore my contact attempts. I've called USPS again but after so many attempts I'm not even sure that I'll get all my mail to the correct address. I am now at a point where if I find out that she tampers or withholds my mail that I will have to report her since it's a federal crime to tamper or withhold someones mail.

I apologize for such a long entry but I have kept this bottled up and only recently in the last few months I finally opened my mouth to friends about this and with my mail situation it has brought up such a nightmare with this girl. So I must say this...BE VERY CAUTIOUS with who you roommate with and open your home to. Looks and outer layers may be deceiving. To the people who have had to deal with nightmare roommates...I feel your pain!
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My ex boyfriend was Vietnamese, and his whole family was dirty like this. It was very gross. Sometimes, I would clean his dorm room for him. When I saw moldy dishes, I threw them in the trash.
You don't respect your stuff? Must not mean that much to you. Into the garbage it goes.

Exactly! Did this to everyone in first year of university. They would be all angery until I told them it was rotten and moldy. Then they would thank me. Wanted to shove their faces into the plates just to teach them a lesson! But I didn't, because I'm a person and not an animal.