Was Told I Had Gangrene

I had a leaking filling.It needed root canal but above the tooth I had a dark red lump in the gum.They took and xray but said it would be ok for the dentist to deal with,i didnt need the dental hospital.
The locum dentist from a foreign country started the treatment.Kept asking the technician for certain tools etc and she didnt understand or said she didnt have that one.I was getting concerned.He told me I had gangrene.I was in shock.
Ended up with a swollen face and pain and on strong antibiotics.
After two 45 min treatments i was told it could not be completed and i had to go elsewhere.The files were sticking and the old fillings were being pulled out.He didnt have the required tools to do the job.
The Dental hospital could have prevented all this.
They must have known it was going to be a difficult job.
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2011

This is just an off-the-cuff answer, but I think I would sue. For what, I don't know, but you were treated badly. That just makes me angry at those people! I hope all is well. Take care and you should report that dentist to some thing.

Oh La, I'm so sorry you have gone through this. It sounds like a nightmare. An especially bad nightmare for someone like me that gets anxious every time I go to the Dentist.<br />
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I hope you have had the additional treatment done by the Dental Hospital and this is now behind you.<br />
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You're in my thoughts and prayers.<br />
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What a devastating ordeal!