Oh my, the worst feeling ever.  It is soooooooooooo painful.  I hope it was my first and last.  The only good part about having my root canal, I had a cute dentist.  ;)

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Its alright SM...I'm happy it was only a one time occasion, I hope never again!

ChakraSolipsismMGP: I agree with your comment, the good dentist need to put us on antibiotic for the swelling and infection to go down before they start working on our tooth or teeth. This is exactly what was done in my case.

I just realized one of the mistakes some Dentist make. If your tooth is infected. That's not the time for a Dentist to work on your tooth. The good Dentist I had, put me on an Anti-Biotic for a week to cure the infected tooth and area of the gum. An infected tooth and gum will not take to the novicane numbing shot. But after a week of curing the infection with an Anti-Biotic. Then you will get that region numbed.

teasgal: Root canals are painful. I hope you feel better, and once all done, you'll feel like you're in heaven. Good luck!

i had a root canal done like 12 years ago and gee did it hurt i went though the roof with the pain it was that bad. also i have to go and get another root canal or the start of a root canal in 4 to 5 days time and i aint looking forward to it at all..

i had a root canal about 12 years ago and it was painfull and i was jumping though the roof alot as it was very sharp pain and now i have to have another root canal done in like 4 to 5 days time and i aint looking forward to it as i have a very painfull tooth at the moment. why do root canal hurt so much

Thanks for your comment. Wow, 20+. I had a hard time with 1. The procedure was fine and everything went well but it was the fact before I got my appointment, the endurance of the pain was the hardest but I was overall strong. The pain on the side on my face, my gums, I got a huge headache, I didn't cry but tears were coming out cus I was uncomfortable. I hope never again! :)

Didn't they Numb you? It shouldn't be painful. I've had about 20 + so (Lost Count) Root Canals in my life. I could say the times I didn't get numbed very well where painful. But good Numbing proceedures, shouldn't be painful. Just time consuming and awkward. The only other things is feeling the brushing of the roots, but shouldn't be any pain. The inital Shot is painful. That's for sure. But after that it shouldn't be. Sometimes I could almost go to sleep while they worked on me. Close my eyes and be fairly relaxed, while the work was being done. It's always a bit scary as to what is unexpected could happen.