Busiest Day Leads To Losing My Mind

Okay so i had the busiest day which is quite normal on a Saturday. i really miss ten years ago when i would spend my Saturdays playing with toys and not having to make my lunch, sounds lazy of me but hey, who wouldn't miss that. now that i'm older i have to do this and i have to do that and i miss my childhood, being an adult sucks and all my friends are growing up with their jobs cars and women and i feel pressured and behind. at least i've got a job, but this job is one of those jobs where customer service is the key to the success, the profits comes out of good customer service. and sometimes i dont care about the money coming from the customer, i just want to make them happy so i will go out of my way just to make them smile, even in the roughest of situations, or even when they don't like me for being me. i had a chain of unusual requests, serving one customer after another, acting like a fashion genius for several of them, by the way i sell glasses as my job, and i do repairs and adjustments when the glass are sitting on an angle on their face. but it was one of those days where it would be one customer after another with no time to breath in between and also multitasking with 2 customers which makes them angry and also even sacrificing my lunch break because i;m serving some loyal customers which just came into the shop while i;m about to leave for lunch. sometimes i get too busy and then i start to lose my mind, especially like on of those days, and when i;m given tasks that the manager should be doing but he is either on his lunch break or on a vacation, and the customer thinks that the casual staff can do everything like robots. it was just one of those days, and to top that up, serving couples which are all kissy wissy and smoochy poochy at each other, making me feel like the third wheel loser who cannot get a girlfriend. oh well i survived that day until next time.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I hate working for a profit!!