A few days ago Skye took our wee girl Roisin out for the mornin so I could catch up on sleep...I've had some trouble sleepin lately.I slept til 10.30am (ish)

then Skye called to say she was goin to a new cafe and did I want to meet them there,I did of course so I had a shower got myself together and went to meet my girls.

When I arrived I could see Skye and some of the staff cooing over Roisin, as I got closer one of the women with her back to me looked vaguely familiar,she turned to go back to work and it was her...my ex Tara.

Skye must have seen the brief change in my features because she gave me an "are ye ok hen?" kinda look, I just nodded,Skye came to greet me and Tara's eyes followed and landed squarely on me..her face dropped then she started to laugh.

Skye asked me whats goin on? I told her that this woman is my ex girlfriend Tara...Skye immediately became protective,(I haven'y seen or heard from Tara since we broke up over a year ago and had no idea she was workin here)

As if on cue Roisin started to cry, I went to her try and settle her and Tara went back to work.

As we were leavin Tara approached us and asked if we could talk, I really don'y know why but I said ok 10 mins...Skye took Roisin to the car.

Tara asked why I hadn'y told her about "my happy little family" and she wasn'y very nice about it..I told her that I neither owed her an explanation or an apology and then I just wanted to be with Skye and Roisin.I said goodbye and went to the car.

We drove home in silence each processin what had happened,I put Roisin down for a nap when we got home then went and found Skye on the balcony.

We endend up in a bit of an arguement but have sorted it since..thing is though its not that I forgot about Tara but a lot has happened in the last year she is no longer a priority in my life and I didn'y know if she was in the country or no and if I had of known where she was I maybe wouldn'y have told her anyway.

I'm not sure why its still naggin at me

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Thanks guys I think it was definately lack of preparation I was just not expectin to deal wi this kinda thing because I guess since June we've been wrapped up in our own little world and it never entered my mind that I'd bump into Tara or anyone else who wouldn'y be exactly happy for us.<br />
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Skye knew about Tara she has seen pictures of her they just never met because up until a year ago Skye was still livin in U.K. and Myself and Tara we're here in Aus,by the time Skye and I decided to give it a go Tara had moved to another part of the city and into a new job and as far as I knew she was plannin on goin away .

I agree completely with olderwiser2009 except for the 'new age' reference. That entire thought was around centuries ago, olderwiser2009.<br />
I have one question for you, annabellef: why did Skye not already know at least who Tara was?

You didn't see that coming & weren't prepared. Neither was your gf. Give yourselves some slack. It's happened & out of the way now. You both will be better prepared for yourselves if something like this was to happen again. Believe in yourselves :) I find developing a plan (with or without the gf involved) helps to alleviate fear, anxiety, if this were to happen again (with or without the same ex). <br />
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As for the nagging feeling, perhaps there is still some grief, anger, personal unresolved issues associated with this particular ex. Sometimes it can mean some unresolved issues with ourselves. I understand that "nagging" feeling after seeing an ex after a long time. For me, it was mostly part of the grieving process, a final step towards closure & some unresolved personal issues (having nothing to do with the ex, the gf or anyone). But that's just me........<br />
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I hope I helped give some insight & I hope you find answers to your "nagging feeling" . Everybody's journey is different & I wish you insight, courage & strength to what you are seeking, doing and where you are going! (OMG! That is sounds so New Age! Argh! And I'm not! LOL)<br />
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If you need a sounding board, I'm here.....just drop a line!<br />
Take care