When I Was A Kid...

I remember the day it happened like it was this morning but he's not here anymore. 

I can remember the sounds of the clinking glasses. The sounds of the radio, the scent of my mothers cooking and the sound of ain't Beatrice and her daughter Spechelle talking to mum in the kitchen. I remember the doorbell ringing and startling me. 

"I'll get it!!" Shaun called out. 

I looked up to see him at the top of the stairs grinning down at me. "I wanna!" I squeaked hastily; being only six I was reluctant to let my fourteen year old brother get the best of me. 

He broke into a run. 

I broke into a run and then realised he'd jumped in his haste. Squeezing my eyes shut I curled up on the floor with my arms over my head. The sound of breaking glass startled me...then a loud thump. My eyes jerked up in time to see the blood splattering the ceiling and walls. I saw him lying by the door, his hand dangling sickeningly off his wrist. My heart hurt and I couldn't speak... 

"Alicia?" Mum called out. 

I turned tearfully at the sound of her footsteps. 

"I've told you a million times not to run around like that!" She roughly grabbed my arm and was able to hit me when she too saw the blood. 

I watched her retreat giddily into the kitchen. I remember the way we rushed him too the hospital, scared because there was no hope. His wrist was completely severed...

It took him a year to manage to open his hand again, another year of physiotherapy to learn to use it. The scars lived on on his wrist, later covered by tattoos but apart from the schizophrenia and bulimia...he was fine. He lived until the age of twenty three and though he's not here today...I'm happy to say he's still my inspiration. 
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May 14, 2012