Mrs Bultch And Mrs Bynrs Were The Biggest 6itches Towards Children

they would smoke in the class room and have there feet up on tables reading the paper

gossip about students who were all of grade 2 or 4 ... as if they were gonna be that bad to gossip and make fun of anyway

most little kids are harmless at those least in those days most were not that bad.

these teachers used to degridate kids and shame them

threaten them with the cane if school work was not done.

we were threatened with the cane if he didn't know our 2 x times tables one afternoon.

so my mother went to the headmaster... us kids were being abused in every direction possible

from teachers, parents, pedos, police, witchcraft you name it...

they had to bring in the aboriginal elders it got so bad with kids being abused. 

these teachers used to get kids to gang up on other kids and would make fun and encourage other kids to make fun on us kids

it was so bad ... it got that way I hated school

I was bashed in the head with a cricket ball by don vice dic k head when I was 6  that animal should be shot dead... and all his offspring.. YUK they are satanic people ... the way that guy attacked me with a cricket ball it caused me brain trauma and damage... how can anyone respect him for that? no decent people attack a little child of 6 like that.  I did nothing to him. 

and then I got all these viruses and was nearly abducted walking home from school one day

I know Bugsy was rooting around with heaps of woman and girls.

I know because he was screwing them at our house at times at parties... on the kitchen floor, in my bed, in the yard anywhere

they used to get around in these beat up on vans terrorizing people and you had to dodge gun shots coming into the houses

it was scarey times ... then the unbirthday party and Werners suicide... (the house fire and the pedo stuff was more than enough for me to suffer...)

the pedo abuse went on for 10 years ... Bill was molesting me... from the age of 4 or 5 til I was 15...

I tried so many times to get help and no one would listen....

none of the teachers cared, they were just terrible teachers, and they should not have been around kids ...cuz they made it clear they did not like us kids.

I can't forgive any of these people. 
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if you grabbed all those who were kids in their classes I bet most have emotional and self esteem issues... they treated us like we were spastic kids.