I Survived My First Seziure

It was Friday night, and I decided I wanted to make stuffed peppers. So I went to the grocery store, did my shopping, and was waiting in line. The last thing I remember is taking out my check book. I remember feeling happy, I was in a great mood.
I woke up on the floor, an EMT approached me and said "you're ok, everything is going to be ok." This was very confusing because at this point I was not oriented, didn't realize I was lying down in a grocery store. I tried to get up, but my EMT told me to stay still. So I looked around me, trying to collect information and figure out what was going on. I remember the atmosphere was very excited and somewhat chaotic. My EMT placed a paper towel behind my head, which confused me further because I wasn't sure why he was doing this. So I put my hand behind my head, only to find my hair soaked with blood. Naturally I was scared to death now, and wanted nothing more than to go home. I pleaded with my EMT to let me go home, he said, "I can't let you do that." I hit my head on my way down. ( I now find this funny - thinnk the Massive Head Wound skid David Spade did on SNL, because if permitted, I definitely would have hopped into my car and drove home). I was obviously not thinking clearly. So I just laid back, and listened to the conversation going on around me. Those around me were saying that I had a seziure, and moments after I went down, another woman a few aisles over had a seziure too! I now understand that I was not given much information because my EMT did not want me to panic, which I didn't (I work in the medical field, and have seen much worse , though I was never the victim).
I had the most awful feeling in my gut. The only way I can think to describe it is to imagine every which way one can have a negative emotion - grief, fear, anger, hate, lonliness, horror, and so on, all wrapped into one, and placed deep in my belly.
I was ambulanced to the nearest ED. I remember feeling very safe with my EMT, whose name was Shane.
All of this took place about two weeks ago, just before Thanksgiving. I am recovering from quite a concussion, of which I still feel the effects.
The aftermath sucks, as I am scared to death of another seziure, and I see my son being more affectionate and clingy with me. I hate that I have scared him, and wish I could take away his worries.
Most of my friends have pulled away from me significantly, and my son's friends' parents are having their children not come to the house in order to let me "rest".
I don't have health insurance, and my medical bills are close to ten thousand dollars, though I will happily pay for the the EMS service - they were so good to me: ) Thanks for listening: )
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i had a couple of grand malls earlier in my illness. both times they were when i hadnt been able to get any drink down my neck cos i was rough so withdrawals kicked in still drank when i got outa hospital. when i think how stupid ive been.

What a scary experience. I'm sorry you don't have many true friends that would stay by your side. Hard to say what caused it but it certainly is no reason for people to now avoid you. That is just wrong. *hugs*

iv now have migraines in the last 12 years, which I believe derived from having seizures decades ago. ugggg

<p>do you have extremely loud ringing in your ears that sounds like its ringing/ buzzing all around you when your regaining consciousness? I know I did</P>

The above is the only time I have ever lost consciousness. I specifically remember feeling fine when I awoke - just like I was waking up safe and sound at home in bed.
Hope all is well with you and your health: )

also if you feel one coming on, lay down, and lay on your left side ... don't know why... i was told to do that if i felt one coming on.

I think it has something to do with your heart?

Feel one coming on??? I didn't think this was possible

Some people have a distinctive feeling or some other warning sign when a seizure is coming. A warning like this is also called an aura. Although some auras are unpleasant, they can be helpful because they can give you time to prepare for the seizure and keep yourself from being injured. Most injuries from seizures happen if there is no warning sign, if the warning is not recognized, or if there is not enough time to react to it.

Auras vary significantly between different people. Yours may happen right before a seizure or several minutes to hours earlier.

yes laying on ur side also helps if you are throwing up. so it wont smother you

tell them you are low income, and if you are not working tell them that, and also tell them you have no insh.

they will quote you a lower price ...that's what my guy did when he had his heart attack . he said and I quote....

here's the deal.. I have no insurance. so they cut him a deal !

yes feeling nausea in the stomach is common ,( i would get that feeling in my stomach just before i past out, it can happen right before one happens or you may feel it right after.

I'm sure the store will help pay that bill. But, you have to ask them

? how is the store responsible for my seizure?

The prices of there shoes. Knocked you over!

Check with a Lawyer, you may be surprised. Its not their fault you had the seizure but there is always a better way they could have handled the situation...... Check with a lawyer...plz.

Hmmm, I am now thoroughly confused. I honestly feel that the employees handled me very well. my cell, I.D, checkbook, wallet, etc were all protected while I was unconscious (I am guessing I was down for at least 5 minutes).

I'm not normally like this but since you have those bills, it could be worth a try. When a lawyer talks to large stores - then may make an offer just so they don't get sued.

Again, its how you feel. I'm like you.......prolly do nothing. Now if I was at the store, I would given you mouth-to-mouth. Then you would have something to sue for!

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I use to have seizures between age 12 and 23. I grew out of them

It is soooo awesome that you are no longer suffering with this!: )

yes but I live with the fear of them returning ... when I did have them....its as if I died..... then came back to life

Yes, I am perfectly familiar with the fear. Can totally relate!
"when I did have them....its as if I died..... then came back to life"...this is an excellent description of how a seizure "feels", so to speak. The degree of "unawareness", so to speak, that takes place during a seizure is what scares me the most. Knowing that this isn't something I can't control is one thing I tell myself to help ease my fears - as in, it is useless and detrimental to stress about something that is beyond my control, I should let it go and let God handle it. But as you so well described, the severity of the potential consequences of a seizure can be paralyzing! I pray for that you never have another seizure, and that God may lift your fears. Thank you for your support and understanding: )

when I was regaining my Consciousness from a black out, and realized that I was coming back to life (but not there yet.) I would tell my self to just calm down, go with the flow which seemed to make the ordeal better.

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My dad had a seizure it scared me half to death. The doctors can't decide if its caused by his brain anyerusms or his apnea sleep

did you witness it, or know that he experienced it. The reason I ask is because I am concerned about the impact on my son (he didn't witness the seizure itself, but he was at home the night this happened and of course he knows I was ambulanced with a bad head injury, as a result of the seizure). I am curious how a child reacts/feels toward such an experience

I actually witnessed it. It scared the heck out of me.


Thank you for the input. I hope things are getting better. I sincerely wish the best for you and all of your loved ones: )

Thanks! He's fine. But the doctors now think he has a kidney infection I'm guessing it was caused by his kidney stones.

...i do sympathise, I don't suffer from what u have, but not knowing when it will happen again... - I liked ur comments on 'that guy'...

OK, you need to know this about finances and hospitals/medical providers - NEGOTIATE!

Several times, I have been in a similar position ("undercovered" services, disputed bills that insurance wouldn't pay, etc.). The health care providers WILL reduce their bills if you don't have coverage. The local university hospital system reduces the medical bill by 40% the minutes that you say you have no insurance! That's a better discount than Blue Cross was able to get when I was covered completely!

Don't be bashful - ask for the bill to be reduced!

I got stuff down to 50% by asking them to charge me what they charge the insurance companies.