I had a gran mal seizure when i was in fourth grade... i was with my aunt, uncle, and cousin.. on the way to town after swim lessons.. i remember i was looking out the window.. and it was really bright outside.. the sun was so bright.. the next thing i know, im in an ambulance.. next thing i know, im in a hospital. I was let out of the hospital that day, and then I was put on topamax for a month and was sent to doctors. They didn't really know what had caused it.. they did say that my pupils are larger than normal. It has something to do with my eyes and sunlight. I still have my family and friends tell me all the time that I shake and don't hear them when I'm out in the sun. I can't control it.. It scares me.. because I will be on the bus on the way home and feel myself losing control.. and I'm scared if something like that happens while I'm on the bus and people don't know what to do.. then what if they don't get home because of me? X/  I try to wear hoods and sleep on the bus when I get like that.. It has been worse over time.. I am noticing.. I don't want to worry anyone by speaking about it.. I scare them enough.. I just wonder if some day the sun is going to be the death of me..

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X] thanks.. most people dont really know what to do.. they just know how to fake having one..