I Got Into An Argument

with my semi-ex-bf today

he has been abusive in the past, he stopped punching but he still very rarely grabs and chokes(he actually hadn't done this in about 2-3 months).

so today he threatened to kill me and choked me out in my truck.

i apparently had some sort of seizure while i was unconscious.

when i came to i thought i had had some horrifying drug trip before i remembered what had been going on before i blacked out.

during it, my clothes were rubbing on me uncomfortably (as if i had smoked too much pot so everything felt almost painful) and there was screaming and loud confusing noises, lots of people, like crowds, and i was disoriented. when i woke up i started saying "i'm tripping, im tripping really hard" and i had lost one of my sandals by the peddles.

has anyone else had a similar experience?

im pretty sure this was NOT an epileptic encounter, i just need someone to let me know that these things happen sometimes after passing out from asphyxiation.

i feel like im going crazy.

scardeypoo scardeypoo
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2010