a few days ago, i had this weird dream. i can still somewhat remember it. I was in some sort of canteen and was trying to go around trying to find someone. and I walked to the door, to the entrance to a room and close the door. there i saw an asian girl, long brown straight bonded hair about medium length, slim body, shirt and short skirt or short dress i can't remember. I dunno what we said or what happen before I actually had sex with her. we tease each other then she went down like a doggy style, leaning against the door, and shake her butt in invitation to me.I had a clear view of both her openings. but i decided to try the V first. as it will really be tight when you're doing it in doggy style, plus it was my first time. so i told her i'm gonna put it in there and she said something assuring. When I put it in, darn, I feels so real! Its like I'm doing it in real life! I can't tell you enough how real it feels. As it goes in and out, i can actually feels her wetness and everything inside her V. it feels so real and heavenly. Its like i cant stop at that point of time, i couldnt even stop to switch position. It feels soft, and it starts to squeeze me more and more, as i was nearing climax, her parents came into the picture. Immediately we stopped what we were doing and faced the music. hermom scold her alot. I wanted to say its my fault but then again, It feels like that wouldn't make things better. cos after all, its her daughter getting raped or sexed and It was me that did it. I just stood there and woke up from my dream not long after. I'm still a virgin. Really. but if that's what sex feels like, I really wanna try it. to be honest, I woke up with a sense of loss that day...
PatrickStarry PatrickStarry
22-25, M
Aug 16, 2014