Friday while riding my bike along a beautiful highway in central Oregon I came to a turn - out with a spectacular view of the three Sisters mountains. Pulling over to take a photo or two I was quite engrossed in my camera and didn't notice a motorhome that had stopped as well. The lady driving was an attractive gal in her sixties. When I finally said hi she had been observing me for a couple minutes and ask if I usually rode my bike wearing a mini skirt and pumps? I replied that I did and hope she didn't find me offensive. She said not at all and that I had nice tanned legs and looked "cool".
The pretty lady just wanted to know "WHY" I preferred female attire. Informed her I was quite comfortable and needed to "feed" my female side. We chatted for a few more minutes ...she then ask if I would like an iced tea and cookies. Of course I excepted as it was very hot and too I was finding her interesting.
Well the tea and cookies turned out to be wine and Brie and wonderful conversation.
She was intrigued by my acknowledging my female side an wanted an explanation .....better sex with a man, a real great feeling making a man climax ...perhaps several times....and too a man has lots of nice things to enjoy said I.......What you are saying..... is you pleasure a man better than woman she said. Yes indeed I replied...Her response was my dear fellow may I be the judge of that.
I must say that not having sex with a woman for quite some time was really nice, a double toy she presented was wonderful indeed.
Ralphetta Ralphetta
Sep 1, 2014