Black Stockings Or My Sexy Dream Story.

I like to dream, especially dreaming about sexy story. Every evening I try to make my work faster and run to bed. A soft pillow under my head, eyes closed and my mind goes to the world of fantasy and of my sexy story dream.

I see a lot of interesting dreams like when I’m driving a fast car, flying in the sky, make magic or I see sexy dreams. About sexy dreams I want to tell you more because it is my favorite. My story of sexy dreams begun in my childhood, when I first time saw a beautiful woman breast and understood that it is sexy. So, I start my sexy dream story.

My first sexy dream was about me and the girl from my class – Eve. She was a beautiful girl with big blue eyes and blond hair. Her breast was big…So you understand that near Eve I can’t do anything. Every night sexy dream with Eve in main role comes to me. It was great school time.

The next sexy dream story was in university. I was 21 old nice, strong and healthy men. I saw her at my first history lesson. Yes, it was my teacher – Ms.Smith. She was 32 years old. She always wears small dress and when she was sitting everybody sees her black stockings. This sexy dream I can’t forget…One day she told me that I must stay after the lesson to help her something with papers. I don’t care what because I thanked only about her body in hot lingerie.

So, everybody goes home and we are alone in the class. That time she was in leather black skirt, jackboots and in white jacket. She dropped her chalk and bent. And I saw my favorite black net stocking on her sexy legs. Ms.Smith was from my sexy dreams and can’t stand. I went up to her and put my hand on her big back. But in that time director hits the door. She whispered: “Next time…”

It was my sexy dream story. I want everybody to know that if you want something or somebody – take it!
After that I was surfing through the Internet and find this post about meaning of dreams.
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