Family Shower At The Spa

last week my family and i went to a spa near our city... the group was composed of me, my mom, my dad and my sis, the two brothers of my dad with their respective wives and children (three girls 9,12 and 19yo, and two boys 9 and 15yo) and my cousin boyfriend... we really enjoyed the facilities of the spa, it was a very relaxing day, except for the final part... at the moment of showering after the wellness tour, we had to split up into two groups, male and female, because the shower were in two different room

the male shower room, was a small square room with shower spot all around the walls, so when everyone took his own it seemed to be in a round table... one of the spa attendant come with us inside and told us "since you're all from the same family you can shower without your swimsuit... usually we don't let people shower completely naked, but since you know each other, you can do it! i'll be outside blocking any stranger who may enter" my uncle answered "thank you, that would be great"

in that moment i wanted to run away and suddendly felt embarassed, because i was really afraid of getting naked in front of others, which of course i never do, cause i'm ashamed of my body (i'm overweight) and of my penis and testicles size... but it was too late, the man had locked the door, and everyone had started to get naked as soon as they got their spot... i was very reluctant, but i started to take off my swimsuit too... my penis had completely disappeared inside my pube and my balls was completely shrunk due to the water and the sweat... fortunately i wasn't facing the center of the room so nobody saw me... i started to touch and pull out my penis and got a semi hardon wich was about 2,5-3"! not long but at least not invisible... so full of braveness i turned around and faced the other ones... i saw a very humiliating scene... my dad, who is about my eight, but very fit, had a 5" flaccid uncut! his second brother, who is 6'5 and fit, had a shocking 7" flaccid uncut!!! the third brother, who's very fat (we call him peter griffin) had a 2" flaccid cut!!! my cousins was all more hung than me and my third uncle, despite their younger age!

the 9yo one, especially, had a 4" uncut flaccid, which of course shocked me, cause i'm only 5" when erect! the younger boys started to watch me and i din't realize that my penis had shrunk again, so it was now about 2"... the boys told their father why i was smaller, and suddendly everybody started to stare at my private parts... i pretend i didn't noticed, so they stopped looking at my, but not without giggling and smiling... the worst part was that my cousins boyfriend was there too, and i felt really humiliated thinking that he would later told my cousin about my small size...

this day, anyway, tought me that i'm not the smallest in the family, and that probably i got some genes from my uncle, wich had a similar body than mine and also the same penis size! this relieved me too, cause it means i won't have problem having sex and children...
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hi, albierigo -<br />
I know just how you feels when you are trapped or suddenly caught in a situation where you have to expose your small penis. I think I would feel much better if i wer surrounded by other men the same size and we would talk about it. I am not overweight, it is just a gradual shrinkage that seems to come with getting older.<br />

It's so great you get to be nude with the family members. It's even more hot that you had attention drawn to you with all the males purposefully staring at your genitals! Do you get to be nude with them often? Do you have any situations where you get to stay nude for extended periods of time? Do you ever have to share bedrooms and are any of these times sleeping nude with each other so there's more opportunity for them to stare at you or comment about you?

after that episode, i haven't been nude with them again, except once where i followed my small endowed uncle in the urinal to spy him and also talk with him about our common little problem... you can read more in my stories! ;)

wow! you two are puny; you guys are smaller than little boys

Atleast you were able to coax your tiny member out so something was visable. I always get too nervous and my little fella goes into a shell and nothings visable except my tiny srunched up testicals hugging tight to my body. Everytime I get 2or 3" hanging and go to turn around I end up back to a 1" nub in a few seconds. I heard my 9 year old nephew telling my 12 year old niece that my peter was smaller than their 4 year old brother.