My Shower With My Sisters

My name is Harold and I am 15 and a while ago my 2 sisters and I where at the pool and we needed to get showered an dressed fast so my mom brought us in to the family changing room So my sisters and I ******** down and walked in to the showers one of my sisters had never been Nude in front of us and was very embarrassed because she had. A full bush and my Other sister goes and gets waxed with my mother. My mom started making comments about her pubic hair which made her divert the conversation to my tiny penis and at the time was Less than 1" because of the cold pool water. My sister said that I probably had a micro penis and my mom said that I do she also said that I could havE had gender reassignment when I was born but she wanted me to stay the same. My sister told me she read that my micro penis is useless and I will never be able to make a woman ****** with it. My mother then proceeded to ask if I ********** I said no I can't when I said that They arupted in laughter. I felt very embarrassed.
harolddaley harolddaley
22-25, M
Sep 17, 2012